Helicopter Maintenance and Support
SUBJECT : Aeronautical Engineering
AUTHOR : Simon K John & Balachandra P Shetty
PUBLISHED ON : 07/06/17
NUMBER OF PAGES : ( 20 Pages)
PRICE : Rs 11

Helicopter maintenance concepts, periodic concepts, first line servicing, second line servicing maintenance, calendar servicing, progressive servicing, out of phase servicing, extended record line servicing, fourth line maintenance, reliability, maintainability, availability of airplanes, time between overhaul, mean time between failures, mean time between removal/repairs, and maintainability, modern maintenance concept, inspection required as necessary(IRAN), design out maintenance, modular concepts, built in test equipment, health and usage monitoring(HUM) concept, helicopter maintenance schedules, commonly used aviation maintenance terms, ground support equipment, documentation, manuals and publications, customer support.

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