Title      : Power Generation and Economics
Subject      : Power Generation and Economics
Author      : Praveen B.R
Publisher      : saividya
Chapters/Pages      : 5/52
Total Price      : Rs.      : 23
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 Hydrology is a branch of Earth Science.  The importance of hydrology in the assessment, development, utilization and management of the water resources, of any region is being increasingly realized at all levels.  It was in view of this that the United Nations proclaimed the period of 1965-1974 as the International Hydrological Decade during which, intensive efforts in hy......
Pages: 10
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Steam, Diesel and Gas Turbine Power Plants Total views (5)  
 Introduction,  Efficiency of steam plants  Merits and demerits of plants,  Selection of site.  Working of steam plant,  Power plant equipment and layout,  Steam turbines, Fuels and fuel handling,  Fuel combustion and combustion equipment,  Coal burners, Fluidized bed combustion, Combustion control, Ash handling, Dust ......
Pages: 13
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Nuclear Power Plants Total views (1)  
 Introduction,  Economics of nuclear plants, Merits and demerits,  selection of site, Nuclear reaction, Nuclear fission process, Nuclear chain reaction, Nuclear energy, Nuclear fuels, Nuclear plant and layout, Nuclear reactor and its control,  Classification of reactors, Power reactors in use, Effects of nuclear plants,  Disposal of nuclear waste and eff......
Pages: 5
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Substations and Grounding Total views (2)  
 Introduction to Substation equipment;  Transformers,  High Voltage Fuses,  High Voltage Circuit Breakers and Protective Relaying,  High Voltage Disconnect Switches, Lightning Arresters, High Voltage Insulators and Conductors,  Voltage Regulators, Storage Batteries, Reactors, Capacitors, Measuring Instruments and power line carrier communication......
Pages: 11
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Economics of Power generation Total views (6)  
 A power station is required to deliver power to a large number of consumers to meet their requirements.  While de-signing and building a power station, efforts should be made to achieve overall economy so that the per unit cost of production is as low as possible.  This will enable the electric supply company to sell electrical energy at a profit and ensure reliable serv......
Pages: 13
Price: Rs 7.15