Admission Open for 2019-20
SUBJECT : Finance Management
AUTHOR : Mohammed Arif pasha
PUBLISHED ON : 19/12/17
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The methods used to analyze the securities to take investment decision can be done through fundamental analysis and technical analysis. Fundamental analysis gives the investor information on company performance which is not the only determinant of the market price of companies. Besides fundamental information, the market price may also be influenced by other psychological factors such as perception, sentiment of the investors and so on. Technical analysis attempts to explain and forecast changes in security prices by studying only the market data rather than information about the company or its prospects as is done by fundamental analyst. A study of past share price behaviour to predict the future trend is termed as technical analysis. This is also used as a supplement to fundamental analysis. It is based on the economic premise that forces of demand and supply determine the pattern of market price and the volume of trading in a share. The greater the demand of a company’s shares, the higher its market price. The greater the supply of a company’s shares in the market, the lower the market price.