Title      : Operating System and Unix
Subject      : Operating System
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Author      : Rama M A
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Process Synchronization Total views (5)  
People often rely on synchronization to fix a meeting with others. They need to agree on a time for the meeting, the date and the venue. By reaching an agreement, they are explicitly agreeing to synchronize their independent schedules so that they all will be in the same place at the same time. With reference to software, synchronization is the act of ensuring that independent processes start exec ......
Pages: 27
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Deadlocks Total views (5)  
For many applications, a process needs exclusive access to more than one resource. In multi-programing, several processes may compete for a limited number of resources. For instance, a process requests some resources. If the resources are not available at that time, the process enters a waiting state. Sometimes a waiting process may never, be able to get the resources, since the resources it has r ......
Pages: 27
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Memory Management Total views (5)  
Memory accesses and memory management are a very important part of modern computer operation. Every instruction has to be fetched from memory before it can be executed, and most instructions involve retrieving data from memory or storing data in memory or both.
Pages: 38
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Virtual Memory Total views (250)  
Virtual memory is a memory management technique, that allows the execution of processes, which may not be completely in memory. The main advantage of this scheme is that user programs can be larger than the physical memory. The operating system keeps only those parts of the program in memory, which are required during execution. The rest of it is kept on the disk. In fact Virtual memory allows exe ......
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File Management Total views (251)  
All users of computer applications need to store and access information. Some applications have limited amount of information to be processed. However other applications such as railway reservations, banking etc., require large storage space.
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Files and File Organization Total views (249)  
A file is one in which data can be stored. It is a sequence of bits, bytes or lines stored on a storage device like a disk. In UNIX everything is stored in terms of files. It could be a program, an executable code, a file, a set of instructions, a database, a directory or a subdirectory. Even devices such as printer, RAM, CD-ROM drive and terminal are treated as files. A UNIX file is a tool or an ......
Pages: 44
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Standard I/O, Redirection, Pipes and Filters Total views (249)  
Many commands in UNIX produce output on the terminal screen or can take input from the keyboard. Actually these commands have been written to accept input from a standard input file and to produce output on a standard output file. Generally the standard input files are set to keyboard and the output file to the terminal screen. These special files are streams of character seen as input and output ......
Pages: 16
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Vi Editor and Regular Expressions Total views (249)  
The shell programs or any other documents, are entered and edited on the computer using a specific software package called the editor. There are many types of editors available on UNIX systems such as Vi, Vim, emacs ex and pico. All the editors are full screen editors.
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Process Management Total views (249)  
As UNIX is a multi-user and multi-tasking operating system, it can run a number of programs simultaneously. All programs that are loaded into memory for execution are known as processes.
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Shell Programming Total views (4)  
Every UNIX system consists of at least one shell. The shell acts as an interface between the user and the kernel, and hence the hardware. It is similar to command.com in MS-DOS environment.
Pages: 29
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Control Structures Total views (3)  
The set of statements in a shell script are normally executed sequentially in the order in which they are written. Such programs have sequential structure. However, in reality, the order of execution of statements may have to be changed, depending on certain conditions. Such programs where decision making is involved are said to have selection structure or Branching control structures. Bourne shel ......
Pages: 53
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