Title      : Heat Transfer
Subject      : Mechanical
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Author      : M K Muralidhara, C K Umesh, B K Muralidhara
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Introductory Concepts and Definitions Total views (0)  
Heat flow takes place when there is a temperature gradient in a system. Hence it becomes necessary to study heat transfer as well as temperature distribution in various systems. Analysis of heat transfer for example is the first step in the design of heat exchangers, boilers, heaters, refrigerators and radiators. Further modern electric and electronic equipment require efficient dissipation of ......
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Conduction Heat Transfer Total views (0)  
Thermal diffusivity is the measure of the ratio of heat conducted to the heat stored and consequently can be used qualitatively to predict how fast the temperature of the body changes. A material having a lower value of  will show a lower rate of temperature change than that with a higher value of .
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Variable Thermal Conductivity Total views (0)  
In chapter 2 while deriving the equation, the thermal conductivity k, was assumed as constant. This assumption is justified for materials involving only small temperature differences across them. However, it is seen that in practice, the thermal conductivity of most materials depends on temperature.
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Critical Thickness of Insulation Total views (0)  
The addition of insulation on plane wall surface will not affect the surface area of heat transfer, but for pipes and spherical surfaces, the addition of insulation thickness increases the outside surface of heat transfer. Due to this increase in surface area, heat transfer rate increases. The increase in heat transfer rate depends on outside radius of insulation, i.e., heat transfer rate incr ......
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Heat Transfer from Extended Surfaces or Fins Total views (0)  
The heat transfer from a heated surface to the ambient is given by the relation q = hA (T). In this relation h is heat transfer coefficient. T is the temperature difference, A is surface area of heat transfer. To increase the value of q, h may be increased or surface area may be increased. In some place it is not possible to increase the value of heat transfer coefficient and ......
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One Dimensional Transient Conduction Total views (1)  
The lumped parameter analysis presumes that a solid possesses infinitely large thermal conductivity. Internal conduction resistance is then so small that heat flow to and from the solid is controlled primarily by the convective resistance. Temperature gradients are negligible within the sold. Consequently the solid is spacewise isothermal i.e., T = f(t) only. Typical examples of the type flow ......
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Numerical Analysis of Heat Conduction Total views (0)  
Numerical heat transfer is the procedures to solve for the solution, on a computer. A set of algebraic equations that approximate the differential and integral equations describing conduction, convection and / or radiation heat transfer can be solved. The objective of any heat transfer calculation is the determination of the rate of heat transfer to or from some surface or object. In conducti ......
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Radiation Total views (0)  
Thermal radiation is the energy emitted by matter that is at finite temperature. The emission may occur not only from solid surfaces, but also from liquids and gases. The emission may be attributed to changes in electron configurations of the constituent atoms or molecules. The radiation energy is transported by electromagnetic waves or alternately photons. The energy transfer by conduction o ......
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Concepts and Basic relations in Boundary Layers Total views (0)  
The rate of heat transfer in convection is given by q = hA T, where h is the convective heat transfer coefficient or film coefficient of heat transfer, h depends upon the fluid properties, type of flow and geometry of the surface. Convection heat transfer occurs by the movement of fluid particles. If the motion of fluid particles occurs by the variation of density of fluid due to te ......
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Forced Convection Systems Total views (0)  
In the previous chapter, the fundamentals of convection was discussed. In this chapter, the method of computing heat transfer rates in forced convection problems related to both external and internal flows will be discussed. First force convection concerning flow over external surfaces such as flat plate, cylinders, spheres and flow across tube banks will be considered. Further problems conce ......
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Free or Natural Convection Total views (0)  
The mechanism of heat transfer in natural convection involves the motion of fluid particles past a solid boundary which is a result of the density differences resulting from the energy exchange. As a result the heat transfer coefficients will vary with geometry of a system.
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Boiling and Condensation Total views (0)  
The heat transfer processes discussed in the earlier chapters were restricted to homogeneous single phase systems. However in engineering practice, the processes involving a phase change, like boiling and condensation are also important. Boilers and condensers are essential components of modern thermal power plants and so are the evaporators and condensers in a vapour compression refrigeratio ......
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Heat Exchangers Total views (0)  
Heat exchanger is a device or equipment used to transfer heat from one fluid to another which are at different temperatures. Heat exchangers are widely used in many industrial applications where heat has to be transferred from one flowing fluid to another through a solid barrier separating them. The specific applications of heat exchangers may be found in space heating and air conditioning, po ......
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