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AU Physics Theory Sem I and II
Unit 6 : Modern Physics(The quantization of energy, Photoelectric effect, De Broglie concept of matter waves, uncertainty principle, Schrodinger wave equation, application to a particle in a box, Elementary concepts of Maxwell-Boltzman, Bose-Einsteins and Fermi dirac statics, Fermi dirac distribution function (no derivations), Free electron theory of metals, Band theory of solids, Kronig penny model, Metals, Insulators and Semiconductors, Ferroelectrics and their applications, Super conductivity, Meisner effect, Types of superconductors and applications of superconductors, Nanophase materials , Synthesis, Characterization of nanostructured materials, properties and applications, Renewable Energies , Solar, Wind and tidal , Applications)
Currently we do not have any content for this subject. Content is expected soon.

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