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AU Electromagnetic Field Theory and Transmission Lines Sem IV
Unit 1 : Electrostatics(Introduction, Applications of electrostatic fields, Different types of charge distributions, Coulombs law, Applications of coulombs law, Limitation of coulombs law, Electric field strength due to point charge, Salient features of electric intensity, Electric field due to line charge density, Electric field strength due to an infinite line charge, Field due to surface charge density, Field due to volume charge density, Potential, Potential at a point, Potential difference, Salient features of potential difference, Potential gradient, Salient features of potential gradient, Equipotential surface, Potential due to electric dipole, Electric field due to dipole, Electric flux, Salient features of electric flux, Faradays experiment to define flux, Electric flux density, Salient features of electric flux density, Gausss law and applications, Proof of Gausss law, Gausss law in point form, Divergence of a vector, Applications of Gausss law, Limitations of Gausss law, Salient features of Gausss law, Poissons and Laplaces equations, Applications of Poissons and Laplaces equations, Uniqueness theorem, Boundary conditions on E and D, Proof of boundary conditions, Conductors in electric field, Properties of conductors, Electric current, Current densities, Equation of continuity, Relaxation time, Relation between current density and volume charge density, Dielectric materials in electric field, Properties of dielectric materials, Dipole movement, Polarization, Capacitance of different configurations, Energy stored in an electric field, Energy in a capacitor)
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