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AU Electromagnetic Field Theory and Transmission Lines Sem IV
Unit 2 : Steady Magnetic Fields(Introduction, Applications of magnetic fields, Fundamentals of steady magnetic fields, Faradays law of induction, Magnetic flux density, Amperes law of current, Element or Biot-Savart law, Field due to infinitely long current element, Field due to a finite current element, Amperes work law or Amperes circuit law, Differential form of Amperes circuit law, Stocks theorem, Force on a moving charge due to electric and magnetic charge, Applications of Lorentz force equation, Force on a current element in a magnetic field, Amperes force law, Boundary conditions on H and B, Scalar magnetic potentials, Vector magnetic potentials, Force and torque on a loop or coil, Materials in magnetic fields, Magnetization in materials, Inductance,Standard inductance configurations, Energy density in a magnetic field, Energy stored in inductor, Expression for inductance, L in terms of fundamental parameters, Mutual inductance, Comparison between electric and magnetic fields / circuits /parameters)
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