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AU Antennas and Wave Propagation Sem V
Unit 7 : Wave Propagation(Propagation characteristics of EM Waves, Factors involved in the propagation of radio waves, Ground wave propagation, Ground wave field strength by Maxwell s equations, Reflection of radio waves by the surface of the earth, Roughness of earth, Reflection factors of earth, Wave tilt of the ground wave, Tropospheric wave propagation, Atmospheric effects in space wave propagation, Duct propagation, Radio horizon, Troposcatter, Fading of EM waves in Troposphere, Line of sight (LOS), Ionospheric propagation, Characteristics of ionosphere, Refractive index of ionosphere, Phase and group velocities, Mechanism of Ionospheric propagation, reflection and refraction, Characteristic parameters of Ionospheric propagation, Sky wave field strength, Fading and diversity techniques, Faraday s rotation, Effect of earth s magnetic field)
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