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BITS Automatic Control System Sem-III
Unit 2 : Mechanical Actuation System(Cams, Gears, Kinematic chains, belt and chain drive)
1. Unit 1(Theory of Machines-I) Total View (142)
Fundamentals Kinematics of motion: Plane, rectilinear and curvilinear motion. Equation and graphical representation of linear and angular motion, displacement, velocity, acceleration. Relationship between linear and angular quantities of motions. Acceleration of a particle along a circular path. Simple problems on basics Kinetics: Force, centrifugal and centripetal force, momentum of force, couple ......
Title: Theory of Machines -1
Published on: 16/01/16
Author: Balachandra P Shetty (Wg Cdr Dr. PB Shetty) and Rachith S.N
Publisher: Interlinepublishing
Pages: 21
Price: Rs 0

2. ENGINE COMPONENTS(Mechanical Engineering) Total View (5)
Published on: 31/01/18
Author: Kalyan Kumar M Madhu B P and Shreyas P S
Publisher: Interlinepublishing
Pages: 26
Price: Rs 19.5

3. BELT, ROPE AND CHAIN DRIVES(Machine Design ) Total View (3)
open and cross belt drives, belt design, chain drives, derivation of expression for length of belt, derivation of expression for length of belt, derivation of expression for the ratio of belt tensions for grooved pulley and rope drives, design procedure for V-belts
Title: Design of Machine Elements II
Published on: 24/04/17
Author: Annaiah M H
Publisher: Dr Sri Sri Sri Shivakumara Mahaswamy College of Engineering
Pages: 96
Price: Rs 24

4. Unit-02(Mechanical Engineering) Total View (7)
Introduction Automated flow line-symbols, objectives, Work part transportcontinuous, Intermittent, synchronous, Pallet fixtures, Transfer Mechanism-Linear-Walking beam, roller chain drive, Rotary-rack and pinion, Rachet & Pawl, Geneva wheel, Buffer storage, control functions-sequence, safety, Quality, Automation for machining operation
Published on: 23/03/17
Author: Mr Prabhunandan G S
Publisher: Ghousia College of Engineering
Pages: 21
Price: Rs 12.6

5. Kinematics of Machines(Mechanical) Total View (2021)
Solved Question Papers
Title: Harbinger - 4th Sem, VTU, 2013-14, Mechanical
Published on: 25/02/14
Author: Harbinger Series
Publisher: Sanguine Technical Publishers
Pages: 60
Price: Rs 45

6. Homeostasis of Environment(Environmental Science and Technology) Total View (416)
The tendency of an ecosystem to return to a state of equilibrium is referred to as homeostasis. Ecosystems have a unique property of self-regulation.The ecosystem comprising various sub-components of biotic and abiotic nature, which are inter-linked and interdependent,have an inherent property to resist change. That means, the ecosystems have a property to tolerate external disturbance or stress. ......
Title: MSc Tech 104 Ecology and Environment
Published on: 28/02/14
Author: KSOU
Publisher: Karnataka State Open University
Pages: 30
Price: Rs 22.5

7. I/O- INTERFACING(Electronics and Communication) Total View (0)
Many digital systems include mechanically operated switches of various forms as input devices. These include push-button and toggle switches operated by human users, and microswitches operated by physical movement of mechanical or other objects.
Title: Digital System Design Using Verilog
Published on: 09/10/18
Pages: 25
Price: Rs 12.5

8. Mechatronics and Microprocessor(Mechanical) Total View (2016)
Solved Question Papers
Title: Harbinger - 6th Sem, VTU, 2013, Mechanical
Published on: 26/02/14
Author: Harbinger Series
Publisher: Sanguine Technical Publishers
Pages: 79
Price: Rs 59.25

9. Introduction to Fluid Power System(Hydraulics and Pneumatics ) Total View (33)
Pascals Law, Classification of Pumps, Components of Hydraulic System
Title: Hydraulics & Pneumatics
Published on: 25/11/17
Author: Shanawaz Patil
Publisher: Interlinepublishing
Pages: 45
Price: Rs 33.75

10. UNIT - 8 Behavior of Tribological Components: (Mechanical Engineering) Total View (5)
Selection, friction, Wear of ceramic materials, wear measurements, effects of speed, temperature and pressure. Tribological measures, Material selection, improved design, surface engineering.
Title: Tribology/10ME831
Published on: 20/02/17
Publisher: Ghousia College of Engineering
Pages: 18
Price: Rs 10.8

11. Definition, Principles and Scope of Ecosystem(Environmental Science and Technology) Total View (416)
An ecosystem was defined as a dynamic entity composed of a biological community and its associated abiotic environment. Ecosytems are also always undergoing alterations to their biotic and abiotic components. Some of these alterations begin first with a change in the state of one component of the ecosystem.
Title: MSc Tech 104 Ecology and Environment
Published on: 28/02/14
Author: KSOU
Publisher: Karnataka State Open University
Pages: 37
Price: Rs 27.75

12. Chapter 1 * Introduction to CAD/CAM(Mechanical Engineering) Total View (14)

Title: Engineering Analysis & Optimization using CAD Software (CREO 3.0)
Published on: 17/04/17
Author: Chougule Nagesh
Publisher: Scitech Publications India Pvt Ltd
Pages: 18
Price: Rs 9

13. Helicopter Airframe & Transmission System Design Concepts(Aeronautical Engineering) Total View (4)
Airframe, Transmission System Design, Gears, Clutches, Transmission shafting, lubrication, rotor brakes, rotor system design concepts, Life load relationship, Good design practices for Gearboxes, Gearbox lubrication considerations, bearings, Main rotor transmission design concepts, Rotor design concepts, Materials for rotor hubs, Upper control system design, anti-torque rotor transmission, Modern ......
Title: Helicopter Technology
Published on: 07/06/17
Author: Simon K John & Balachandra P Shetty
Publisher: Interlinepublishing
Pages: 69
Price: Rs 37.95

14. Introduction of Electronics in non-critical applications(Electronics and Communication) Total View (1)
Electronics have been relatively slow in coming to the automobile primarily because of the relationship between the added cost and the benefits.
Title: Automotive Electronics
Published on: 03/10/18
Pages: 85
Price: Rs 0

15. Helicopter Hydraulic and Landing Gear Systems(Aeronautical Engineering) Total View (5)
Hydraulic system design concepts, system pressure & flow requirements, development of hydraulic system, qualification of hydraulic systems & equipments, helicopter landing gear system, history of the landing gear, classification, Wheel type landing gear, telescopic and articulated landing gear, nose wheel type landing gear, tail wheel type landing gear, skid type landing gear.
Title: Helicopter Technology
Published on: 07/06/17
Author: Simon K John & Balachandra P Shetty
Publisher: Interlinepublishing
Pages: 16
Price: Rs 8.8

16. Generating Stations(CAD for Electrical Engineers) Total View (2)
A generating station essentially employs a prime mover coupled to an alternator for the production of electric power. The prime mover converts energy available in different forms such as pressure head of water, chemical energy of fuels (either in solid, liquid or gaseous form), kinetic energy of blowing winds and nuclear energy of radio active substances into mechanical energy. The alternator conv ......
Title: CAD for Electrical Engineers
Published on: 11/02/15
Author: Indira M S
Publisher: Sanguine Technical Publishers
Pages: 12
Price: Rs 9

17. Unit 2(Theory of Machines-I) Total View (53)
Mechanisms, Inversions: Inversions of 4 bar chain, single slider and double slider crank chain. Pantograph, Geneva, Ratchet and Pawl mechanisms, Straight line motion mechanisms: Peacullier Mechanisms, Scotch Russell, simplex engine, indicator, Steering Gear mechanism: Fundamental equation of correct gearing, Davis and Acramenn, Mechanisms, Gear :Introduction, types of gears, terminology of gears, ......
Title: Theory of Machines -1
Published on: 16/01/16
Author: Balachandra P Shetty (Wg Cdr Dr. PB Shetty) and Rachith S.N
Publisher: Interlinepublishing
Pages: 39
Price: Rs 29.25

18. Aircraft system(Aeronautical Engineering) Total View (9)
Hydraulics system, Landing gear system, Breaking Anti skid and steering, Steering, Electrical System, Pneumatic system, Ice Protection, Environmental control system (ECS) and cooling system, Pressurerization, Cabin Pressurization, Fuel System, Fuel system components, Fuel transfer pumps, Fuel Booster pumps, Fuel transfer valves, Non return Valve (NRV), Fuel quantity measurement, Engine Control Sys ......
Title: Elements of Aeronautics and Aircraft Systems
Published on: 11/06/15
Author: Dr Kiran Aithal S and Balachandra P Shetty (Wg Cdr Dr. PB Shetty)
Publisher: Interlinepublishing
Pages: 31
Price: Rs 23.25

19. Diesel Engine Power Plant(Energy Engineering ) Total View (49)
Diesel engine power plants are suitable for small and medium power outputs. These plants can be built as central stations for producing power in the range from 2 to 50 MW. These plants have been used as standby plants for hydro-electric power plants and steam power plants.
Title: Energy Engineering
Published on: 13/11/14
Author: Math M C
Publisher: Subhas Stores
Pages: 23
Price: Rs 17.25

20. General Features of a Computer(Computer Fundamentals) Total View (63)
Computers today have made a great impact on almost every aspect of human life. They are being used for all sorts of applications. In fact the application areas of computers are confined only by limitations of human creativity and imagination.
Title: Computer Fundamentals
Published on: 20/11/14
Author: Rama M A
Publisher: Subhas Stores
Pages: 28
Price: Rs 0

21. Introduction to Control Systems(Control Engineering) Total View (328)
A control system is a systematically arranged interconnection of components which together act to provide a desired response when excited by an input. Control systems are playing a vital role in the advancement of science and technology and inuence every facet of modern life. Domestically, automatic controls in heating and air conditioning regulate the temperature and humidity for comfortable livi ......
Title: Control Engineering
Published on: 27/11/14
Author: Ganesh Rao D
Publisher: Sanguine Technical Publishers
Pages: 45
Price: Rs 33.75

22. Factory Automation-CAD, CAM and CIM (Aircraft Production)(Aeronautical Engineering) Total View (7801)
• Introduction • Computer aided design • Graphic software concepts • Design analysis • Computer aided manufacturing(CAM) • The apt programming system • Post processing • Workstation based programming systems • Direct numerical control or DNC • Computer integrated manufacturing • Group tec...
Title: Aircraft Production Technology and Mangement
Published on: 28/10/14
Author: Keshu S C and Ganapathi K K
Publisher: Interlinepublishing
Pages: 40
Price: Rs 30

23. Supply Chain Management(Computer Science) Total View (220)
A supply chain can be defined as a network of facilities and distribution options that performs the function of procurement of materials, transformation of these materials into intermediate and finished products and the distribution of these finished products to customers. Both in service and manufacturing organizations supply chains system exist however, the complexity of the chain may vary grea ......
Title: MSCS-518 Management Information System and ERP
Published on: 24/09/13
Author: KSOU
Publisher: Karnataka State Open University
Pages: 7
Price: Rs 5.25

24. Computer Networks - 1(Computer Networks - I ) Total View (1725)
Solved Question Papers
Title: Harbinger - 5th Sem, VTU, 2014, Computer Science-Information Science
Published on: 28/10/14
Author: Harbinger Series
Publisher: Sanguine Technical Publishers
Pages: 90
Price: Rs 67.5

25. Methods of Data Collection(Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics) Total View (366)
Data Collection is an important aspect of any type of research study. Inaccurate data collection can impact the results of a study and ultimately lead to invalid results. Data collection methods for impact evaluation vary along a continuum. At the one end of this continuum are quantitative methods and at the other end of the continuum are Qualitative methods for data collection.
Title: MSc.CND103 Research Methods and Bio-statistics
Published on: 27/11/13
Author: KSOU
Publisher: Karnataka State Open University
Pages: 14
Price: Rs 10.5

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