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AU Switching Theory and Logic Circuits Sem V
No Units Titles Sub Titles Chapters
1 Unit 1 Introductory Concepts Number Systems, Base Conversion Methods, Complements of Numbers, Codes, Error detecting and Error Correcting Codes VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 Minimization of Boolean Functions Standard forms of Boolean Functions, Simplification of Functions - Karnaugh map and Quine McClusky methods, multiple output functions VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 Logic Gates Symbols and Truth Tables of Gates - AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR, XOR, Multiplexers, Demutiplexers, Encoders, Decoders, Flip-flops, Counters and Registers VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Combinational Logic Logic Design of Combinational circuits - Binary addition, Subtraction, Code Conversion, Priority Encoders, Decoders, Seven - segment Displays, Comparators, PLAs VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Unit 5 Sequential Machine Fundamentals The Flip-flop - RS, JK and D Flip-flops, the Design of Clocked Flip-flop, Flipflop conversion from one type to another VIEW CHAPTERS
6 Unit 6 Traditional Approaches to Sequential Analysis and Design Analysis and Design of Finite State Machines, State Reduction, Design of Flipflops, Counters and Shift Registers VIEW CHAPTERS
7 Unit 7 Asynchronous Finite State Machines Analysis and Design of Asynchronous Machines, Cycles, Races and Hazards VIEW CHAPTERS
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