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AU Cellular and Mobile Communications Sem VII - Elective
No Units Titles Sub Titles Chapters
1 Unit 1 Introduction to Cellular Mobile Systems A basic Cellular System, Performance Criteria, Uniqueness of Mobile Radio Environment, Operation of Cellular Systems, Planning and Cellular Systems, Analog & Digital Cellular Systems VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 Elements of Cellular Radio System Design General description of the problem, Concept of Frequency Channels, Co-channel interference Reduction factor, Desired C/I from a normal case in an Omnidirectional Antenna system, Cell splitting, consideration of the components of Cellular Systems VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 Interference Introduction to Co-channel interference, Real time Co-channel interference, Cochannel measurement, Design of Antenna system, Antenna parameters and their effects, Diversity Receiver, Non Co-channel interference - different types VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Cell Coverage for Signal and Traffic General introduction, Obtaining the Mobile Point - to - Point model, Propagation over water or flat open area, Foliage loss, Propagation in near in distance, Long distance Propagation, Point - to - Point predication model - characteristics, Cell site, Antenna heights and signal coverage cells, Mobile - to - Mobile Propagation VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Unit 5 Cell Size Antennas and Mobile Antennas Characteristics, Antennas at Cell site, Mobile Antennas VIEW CHAPTERS
6 Unit 6 Frequency Management and Channel Assignment Frequency management, Fixed Channels assignment, Non Fixed Channel assignment, Traffic and Channel Assignment VIEW CHAPTERS
7 Unit 7 Hand Off, Dropped Calls Why Hand-Off, Types of Hand-Off and their characteristics, Dropped call rates and their evaluation VIEW CHAPTERS
8 Unit 8 Operational Techniques Parameters, Coverage hole filter, Leaky feeders, Cell Splitting and small cells, Narrow Beam concept VIEW CHAPTERS
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