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AU Structural Analysis - I Sem III
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1 Unit 1 Duties / obligations Accountability of structural engineer for the design of a structure a )economy b )safety: ( i ) strength consideration ( ii ) stiffness consideration, Need for assessment of strength of a material - analysis for strength requirement for design purposes - Review of IS code provisions, Effects of force : tension, compression and shear, Stress as internally elastic resistance of a material - strain - property of elasticity - Hookes law - stress-strain diagrams, Characteristic strengths, Factors of safety and working stresses for materials and various types of application of load, Elastic strain - energy, stress due to gradually applied load, sudden load, impact load and shock load, Lateral strain, Poisson s ratio, Complementary shear stress, shear strain, shear modulus, Relation between modulus of elasticity, modulus of rigidity and bulk modulus, Stresses in composite assemblies due to axial load and temperature change VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 Effect of transverse force Shear force, Bending moment and Axial thrust diagrams for a ) Cantilever b ) Simply supported and c ) Over hanging beams for various patterns of loading, Relation between ( i ) intensity of loading ( ii ) Shear force and ( iii ) Bending moment at a section, Theory of simple bending : flexural normal stress distribution, Flexural shear stress distribution for various shapes of cross section VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 NA ( a ) Stresses on oblique plane - Resultant stress - Principle stress and maximum shear stress and location of their planes, Mohr s circle for various cases of stresses, ( b )Theory of pure torsion for solid and hollow circular sections - torsional shear stress distribution, effect of combined torsion, bending and axial thrust - equivalent B,M and T,M, ( c ) Longitudinal and Hoop stresses in thin cylinders subjected to internal pressure, Wire wound thin cylinders VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Deflections of Beams ( i ) Cantilever ( ii ) simply supported and ( iii ) over hanging beams, using ( a ) double integration and ( b ) Macaulay s method, Analysis for forces in members of a truss ( having 9 members or less ) by tension coefficient method only VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Unit 5 Graphic Statics a ) Determination of Resultants of Systems of Coplanar Forces , b ) Locating Centroids of Sections of various Shapes , c ) S,F, & B,M, Diagrams for ( i ) Cantilever, ( ii ) Simple Supports, ( iii ) Over -hanging Beams, d ) Determination of Forces in Members of Trusses ( having 9 members or less ) by Maxwell Diagram VIEW CHAPTERS
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