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AU Building Materials and Building Construction Sem III
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1 Unit 1 Building Stones and Bricks, Clay Products Cements : Natural and artificial cements, types of various artificial cements and their uses, Wet and dry process of manufacturing ordinary Portland cement (OPC), Chemical and Physical analysis of OPC, various field and Lab, Tests on OPC as per IS code, Storing of cement in the field and godowns, Modern renovation materials : Cement bound, polymer cement bound and pure polymer bound materials, their properties & uses, Acousting and Insulating Products : Acoustic tiles, pulp, plaster etc,, assembled units, sprayed on acoustical materials and their requirements, Thermal insulation and its requirements, types of insulating materials etc VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 Wood, Wood Based Products: Glass and Its Products Wood: Various ways of tree classifications, cross section details of trees, various methods of timber classification including punched card system, their general properties, various types of defects in wood and timber, Methods of seasoning and their importance, felling and conversion, various Mechanical Properties of timber, Decay of timber, preservation methods, common Indian trees and their uses, Wood based Products : Veneers, Plywood and its types, Manufacturing of Plywood, plywood grades as per IS code, Laminated wood, merits of plywood and laminated wood, Lamin Boards, Block Boards, Batten board, Hard board, Particle boards and Composite boards, Synthetic resins, Glass and its Products : Raw materials for glass, properties of glass, manufactured glass, types of glass, their uses, glass blocks and solid glass bricks (i,e,, commercial forms of glass) VIEW CHAPTERS
Paints, Varnishes, Asbestos, Asphalt, Bitumen, Tar and Plastics Paints And Varnishes: Constituents and characteristics of paints, types of paint, their uses and preparation on different surfaces, painting defects, causes and remedies, Constituents of varnishes, uses of varnishes, different kinds of varnish, polishes, Lacquer etc, Asbestos & Asphalt Bitumen & Tar Availability and uses of asbestos, properties of asbestos, various types of asbestos, difference between asphalt & bitumen, Types, uses and properties of Asphalt & Bitumen, composition of coal tar, wood tar, mineral tar and Naphtha, Plastics : Chemistry of plastics, raw materials, manufacturing, classification of various plastics, and their Civil Engg, uses and modern developments in plastics VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 NA (a) Foundations : Different types of soils, Types of Foundations : Strip, Isolated, Strap, Combined Footings, RAFT - MAT - Slab and BEAM RAFT, BOX TYPE RAFT, inverted arch foundations, SHELL foundations, Grillage foundations, Different type of pile foundations and their brief description with usual dimensions, Under reamed piles - Minimum depth of Foundation - Bearing capacity of soils, (b) Masonry : Different types of Stone Masonry - Plan, Elevation, Sections of Stone Masonry Works - Brick Masonry - Different Types of Bonds - Plan, elevation and Section of Brick Bonds upto Two Brickwall thickness - Partition walls - Different types, Block Masonry - Hollow concrete Blocks - FAL- G Blocks, Hollow Clay Blocks VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 NA (a) MORTAR JOINTS : Plastering - Pointing - Other Wall Surface Finishes - Pebble dash - dadooing with stones, Tiles etc, Floorings : Brief description with dimensions of different types - Ellis pattern, Granolithic, Flag stone floorings with locally available stones such as Cuddapah, Betamcherla, Shabad etc,, Marble Flooring, Terrazo (Mosaic) Flooring, Rubber Flooring, (b) CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY AND MIX DESIGN, Cement and Polymer Concrete : Types of cement concrete, ingradients and their characteristics, Cement concrete properties and relevant tests, storage, batching, mixing & Transporting, placing & vibrating and curing, Concrete grades & mix designs upto M 20 as per IS code, Introduction to polymer concrete and its uses VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Unit 5 NA (a) Roofing : Mangalore tiled Roof, RCC roof, Madras Terrace, Hollow Tiled Roof, Asbestos Cement, Fibre glass, Aluminium G,I, Sheet roofings, Trusses : King Post & Queen Post Trusses - Steel roof Truss for 12m Span with details, (b) Painting of interior walls, exterior walls, wooden doors and windows - steel windows - various types of paints (chemistry of paints not included) including distempers, emulsion paints etc,,Varnishes wood work finishing types, (c) Wooden Doors and Windows - Parallel - Glazed - Flush shutters, Plywood, Particle Board Shutters - Aluminium, PVC, Steel doors, windows and ventilators, various types of windows, Glazing - different varieties, Stair cases or Stairway design (Architectural design or planning only) various types such as, straight flight - dog legged, quarter landing, open spiral, spiral stairs etc VIEW CHAPTERS
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