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AU Surveying - I Sem III
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1 Unit 1 Chain Survey Classification of surveying-Principles of Surveying, Sources of errors-Linear measurements, Direct measurement, Instrumentation for chaining - Errors due to incorrect chain-Chaining on uneven and sloping ground-Errors in chaining-Tape corrections - Problems :Base line measurement-Chain Triangulation - Checklines, Tie lines, Offsets, Basic problems in chaining-obstacles in chaining-Problems- Conventional signs VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 Compass Survey (a) Introduction to compass survey Definitions of Bearing, True bearing, True meridian, Magnetic Meridian, Magnetic bearing - Arbitrary Meridian, R,B, & B,B of lines - Designation of bearings - W,C,B, & R,B, - Conversion of bearings from one system to the other Related problems - calculation of angles for bearings, Calculation of bearing for angles, Related problems - Theory of Magnetic compass (i,e, Prismatic compass) - Magnetic dip-Description of Prismatic compass, Temporary adjustments of compass- Magnetic Declination - Local attraction-Related Problems-Errors in compass survey (b) Traverse Surveying : Chain and compass traversing-Free or loose needle method - Fast needle method-Checks in closed and open traverse-Plotting methods of traverse Survey - Closing error-Balancing the traverse-Bowditch s method-Transist method, Gale s Travers table VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 Plane table surveying Introduction-Advantages, Accessories-Working operations such as fixing the table to tripod, levelling-centering-orientation by back-sighting, Methods of plane tabling-Plane table traversing- Three point problem - Mechanical method - Graphical method - Two point problem-Errors in plane tabling VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Levelling Definitions of terms-Methods of levelling-Uses and adjustments of dumpy level-Temporary and permanent adjustments of dumpy level levelling staves-Differential leveling, Profile levelling-Cross sections- Reciprocal levelling, Precise levelling-Definition of BS, IS, FS, HI, TP-Booking and reduction of levels, H,I, methods-Rise and fall method-Checks-Related problems-Curvature and Refraction Related Problems-Correction- Reciprocal levelling-Related problems-L,S & C,S Levelling-Problems in levelling-Errors in levelling VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Unit 5 Minor instruments Uses and adjustments of the following minor instruments: Line Ranger, Optical Square, Abney level, Clinometer, Ceylon Ghattracer, Pantagraph, Sextant and Planimeter VIEW CHAPTERS
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