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AU Structural Analysis - II Sem IV
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1 Unit 1 Strain energy due to (i) Axial load, (ii) Shear force, (iii) Bending Moment and (iv) Torque, Deflections of statically determinate structures : (a) Beams using: (i) Moment area method, (ii) Conjugate beam method, (iii) Unit load method, (iv) Conservation of energy method and (v) Castigliano's theorm - 1, (b)Single storey, single bay rectangular portal frames using (i) Unit load method, (ii) Castigliano's theorm -1, (c) Trusses (having 9 members or less) using (i) Unit load method, (ii) Castigliano's theorem -1, (iii) Williat Mohr Diagram VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 NA Shear force and Bending moment diagrams for (a) fixed beams, (b) three span continuous beams using (i) Theorm of three moments, (ii) Slope deflection method and (iii) Moment distribution method VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 Columns and Struts Combined bending and direct stresses - kern of a section - Euler's theory - end conditions, Rankine - Gordon formula - other empirical formulae - Eccentrically loaded columns - Perry's formula, Secant formula VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Open and closed coiled helical springs subjected to axial load Thick cylinders -lamme's theory, Compound tubes - Theory of failure (a) Principal Stress theory, (b) Principal Strain theory, (c) Maximum Shear Stress theory and (d) Maximum strain energy theory VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Unit 5 Moving loads Maximum Shear force and Bending moment diagrams for different types of loads, Maximum Bending moment at a section under a wheel load and absolute maximum Bending moment in the case of several wheel loads, Equivalent uniformly distributed live load for Shear force and Bending moment, Reversal of nature of Shear force, focal length, counter bracing for truss panels, Influence lines for (i) Beams and (ii) members of Warren and Pratt trusses VIEW CHAPTERS
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