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AU Reinforced Concrete Structures - I Sem V
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1 Unit 1 Limit State of Collapse Flexure of R,C,C, beams of rectangular section, Under reinforced, Balanced and over reinforced sections, Compression stress block, Estimation of ultimate moment by strain compatibility, Guide lines for choosing width, depth and percentage of reinforcements in beams, Analysis and design of singly reinforced rectangular beams and doubly reinforced beams, design by using SP 16 and Torsteel Design Aids By K,T,S, Iyyangar and Viswanatha (Sessional Work Only) Design of flanged beams (T and L), Effective flange width, Basis of analysis and design, Minimum and Maximum steel in flanged beams, SP 24 in design of beams VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 Design of one way and two way slab Design of one way and two way slab : Simply supported slabs on all four sides, Moment in two way slabs with corners held down, Choosing slab thickness, Design of restrained slabs (with torsion at corners) I,S, code provisions, Detailing of reinforcement, Load from slabs on supporting beams, Different kinds of loads on slabs including partition walls, Shear in slabs VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 Shear, Torsion and Bond Limit state of collapse in shear, types of shear failures, Truss analogy, shear span / depth ratio, Calculation of shear stress, types of shear reinforcement, General procedure for design of beams for shear, Enhanced shear near supports, Shear in slabs, steel detailing, Analysis for torsional moment in a member, Torsional shear stress in rectangular and flanged sections, Reinforcement for torsion in RC beams, Principles of design for combined bending shear and torsion, Detailing of torsion reinforcement - Concept of bond, development length, anchorage, bond, flexural bond VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Columns Short and Long columns, Minimum eccentricity, short column under axial compression, column with helical and tie reinforcement, Short columns subjected to uniaxial and biaxial moments, Footings : Analysis and design of isolated rectangular footings, Design of stair case, Mix design by I,S, Code method only VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Unit 5 Working Stress Method General Introduction, Fundamental Assumptions, Method of Transformed Sections, Stress- Strain relationship, - Rectangular Sections in Bending with Tension Reinforcement only - Underreinforced, Idealy reinforced Balanced and Over-reinforced Sections - Design of Rectangular sections in Bending with Tension Reinforcement only and with both Tension & Compression reinforcement, - Non-rectangular sections in Bending (T and L sections) VIEW CHAPTERS
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