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AU Fluid Mechanics -I Sem IV
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1 Unit 1 Fluid Properties and Fluid Statics Introduction & Physical Properties of Fluids: Definition of Fluid, Fluid as Continuum, Mass Density, Specific Weight, Specific Gravity, Specific Volume, Relative Density, Bulk Modulus, Compressibility, Vapour Pressure VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Viscosity, Capillarity and Surface Tension: Viscosity- Newton's Law of Viscosity- Dynamic or Absolute Viscosity- Kinematic Viscosity-Rheological Diagram - No Slip Condition- Practical Problems associated with Viscosity- Capillarity and Surface Tension VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Fluid Statics, Pressure and its measurement: Forces Acting on a Fluid Element- Surface & Body Forces, Normal & Tangential Stresses- Body Force Potential , Definition of Pressure Force Gradient- Variation of Pressure in Static Fluid- Hydrostatic Law of Pressure Variation- Absolute, Gauge and Total Pressure- Pressure Measurement, Pressure Gauges, Piezometers, Manometers, Micro- manometers VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Forces on Immersed Bodies in Static Fluids: Force on a Plane Surface- Centre of Pressure, Pressure Diagram, Forces on Curved Bodies, Forces on radial Crest Gates and Lock Gates VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Buoyancy & Floatation: Archimedes Principle- Buoyancy & Floatation - Stability of Floating Bodies- Centre of Buoyancy- Metacentric Height and its Determination VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Liquids in Relative Motion: Pressure of Liquids in a Container Subjected to Linear Acceleration and Rotation VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 Fluid Kinematics Types of Fluid Flow & Methods of Fluid Flow Analysis: Methods of Describing Fluid Motion, Types of Flow- Steady & Unsteady Flows, Uniform & Non-uniform Flows, Laminar & Turbulent Flows, Eularian & Laggrangian Approaches, Streamline, Pathline, Streakline- Stream Surface, Stream Tube VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Fluid Kinematics: Translation, Deformation and Rotation of a Fluid Element in Motion, Translation, Deformation of a Fluid Element, Local, Convective and Total Acceleration, One, Two & Three Dimensional Analysis of Flows VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Ideal Fluid Flow: Stream Function, Velocity Potential- Rotational & Irrotational Flows- Vorticity & Circulation, - Laplace Equation in terms of Stream Function and Velocity Potential Flow Net VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 Fluid Dynamics  Conservation of Mass & Energy Principle of Conservation of Mass: Concepts of System and Control Volume- Principle of Conservation of Mass in three dimensional Cartesian coordinates and cylindrical coordinates, Continuity Equation for Stream tube flow VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Principle of Conservation of Energy: Equation of Motion for Ideal Fluids, Euler's Equation in Streamline Coordinates- Derivation of Energy Equation through integration of Euler's Equation - Bernoulli's Principle- Energy Correction Factor VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Application of Energy Principle- Flow Measurement in Pipes: Measurement of Static, Stagnation and Dynamic Pressures and Velocity- Pitot Tube- Prandtl Tube , Measurement of Discharge through a Pipe using Flow Meters- Venturi Meter, Flow Nozzle Meter and Orifice Meter VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Flow through Tanks and Reservoirs: Measurement of Discharge from Tanks and Reservoirs- Steady and Unsteady Flow through Orifices and Mouthpieces-Small & Large Orifices Different types of Mouthpieces- Cd, Cv Cc, Discharge from tanks through Drowned Orifices, Time of Emptying Tanks, Discharge from a Tank with Inflow, Kinematics of Free Jet- Vortex Motion and Radial Flow VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Flow Measurement in Channels: Flow Measurement in Open Channels- Flow Past Weirs and Notches- Sharp Crested and Broad Crested Weirs- Weirs with and without end contractions- Ventellation of Weirs- Triangular Notches- Cippoletti Weir VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Fluid Dynamics  Momentum Principle Principle of Conservation of Momentum: Momentum of Fluids in Motion - Impulse Momentum Equation- Momentum Correction Factor VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Forces on Pipe Bends, Pipe Fittings plane Surfaces: Forces on Pipe Bends and Reducers, Flow through a Nozzle, Forces on Plates and Curved Vanes, Moving Vanes VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Jet Propulsion: Momentum Theory for Propellers, Jet Propulsion, Rocket Mechanics VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Angular Momentum for fluid flows: Angular Momentum Equation- Torque and Work done by series of Moving Vanes, Sprinkler Problems VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Unit 5 Steady Flow through Pipes Introduction to Pipe Flow and Laws of Friction: Reynolds Experiment- Steady Turbulent Flow through Pipes- Laws of Friction- Darcy- Weisbach Equation VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Total Energy and Hydraulic Gradient: Energy and Hydraulic Gradient Lines- Minor Losses in Pipes, Pipe Line Problems with Pumps and Turbines, Pipes in Series and Parallel- Equivalent Length of Pipe VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Practical Problems & Hydraulic transmission of power: Flow between Two reservoirs- Three Reservoir Problems  Distribution Mains- Working Pressures, Design Pressure and Test Procedures, Choice of Pipe Material Siphon Problem, Pipe Network- Hardy- Cross Method of Analysis, Hydraulic Power Transmission through Pipes and Nozzles VIEW CHAPTERS
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