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AU Geotechnical Engineering -I Sem V
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1 Unit 1 NA A) Introduction: Historical development - Physical properties of Soil - Void ratio - Porosity, Degree of Saturation, Water content, Unit Weights, Specific Gravity - their relationships, Relative density, Consistency limits - determination and various indices - plasticity index Liquidity index - Significance and Importance, Activity, Classifications : Mechanical analysis - Sieve analysis, stoke's law, hydrometer and Pipette Analysis Textural Classification, Structural Classification based on size - unified soil classification and modification by Bureau of Indian Standard, B), Soil Hydraulics - Types of soil water capillary rise and surface tension, Darcy's law and its limitations constant head and variable head permeameters pumping tests, Factors effecting coefficient of permeability, permeability of stratified soils, Total, neutral and effective stresses, No flow downward flow and upward flow conditions, quick sand conditions, critical hydraulics gradient VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 Stress distribution Bousinesq's theory for determination of vertical stress, assumptions and validity, extension to rectangular and circular loaded areas, 2 : 1 approximate method, westergard's theory Newmarks influence chart, Construction and use, contact pressure distribution beneath footings, Consolidation : Oedometer Test, e-p and e-log p curves - compression index, coefficient of compressibility and coefficient of volume decrease, Terzaghi's one dimensional consolidation theory assumption, derivation and application, coefficient of consolidation time curve fitting methods, initial compression, primary compression and secondary compression determination of preconsolidation pressure, Normally consolidated, over consolidated and under consolidated clays VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 Compaction Mechanism of compaction Factors effecting compaction - water content, compactive effort, Nature of soil, B,S,, Modified AASHO and IS compaction tests, Effect of compaction on physical and engineering properties of soils, Field compaction - Equipment and Quality Control proctors penetrometer, Subsoil Exploration : Methods of subsoil exploration Direct, semi direct and indirect methods, Soundings by Standard, Dynamic cone and static cone penetration tests, Types of Boring, Types of samples, Criteria for undisturbed samples, Transport and preservation of samples, Borelogs, planning of exploration programmes, report writing VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Shear Strength of Soils Stress at a point, Mohr circle of stress, Mohr coulomb failure theory shear tests - shear box, unconfined compression, and triaxial compression tests, fieldvane shear tests, shear parameters, types of shear tests in the laboratory based on drainage conditions, shear strength of sands, critical void ratio and dilatancy, shear strength of clays, total stress analysis and effective stress analysis, skemptons pore pressure coefficients, stress paths VIEW CHAPTERS
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