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AU Geotechnical Engineering -II Sem VI
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1 Unit 1 Bearing Capacity Safe bearing capacity and allowable bearing pressure, Terzaghi's bearing capacity equations its modifications for square, rectangular and circular foundation, General and local shear failure conditions, Factors affecting bearing capacity of Soil, Allowable bearing pressure based on N-values, Bearing capacity from plate load tests, Shallow Foundations : Factors effecting locations of foundation and design considerations of shallow foundations, choice of type of foundations, Foundations on expansive soils, Settlement analysis : causes of settlement, Computation of settlement, allowable settlement, Measures to reduce settlement VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 Pile Foundations Types, Construction, load carryig capacity of single pile - Dynamic Formula, Static formula, Pile load tests, Load carrying capacity of pile groups, settlement of pile groups, Negative skin friction VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 Caissons Types of caissons, pneumatic caissons, Different shapes of well foundations, Relative advantages and disadvantages, Different Components of well and their function, Grip length, problems in well sinking and remedial measures, Stability Analysis of Slopes : Finite Slopes Fellinius slip circle method, Friction Slip circle method and Taylor's stability numbers, types of failure of finite slopes - Toe slope and Base failure, Infinite slope, factors of safety VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Earth Pressure Types of Earth pressure, Rankines Active and passive earth pressure, Smooth Vertical wall with horizontal backfill, Extension to Soil Coloumbs wedge theory, Culmans and Rebhanns graphical method for active earth pressure, Bulkheads - Classifications, Cantilever sheet Piles in Sandy soils and clay soils, Analysis of Anchored bulkheads - free earth support and fixed earth support methods VIEW CHAPTERS
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