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AU Fluid Mechanics - III Sem VI
No Units Titles Sub Titles Chapters
1 Unit 1 Dimensional Analysis and Similitude Fundamental Concepts of Dimensional Analysis: Importance of Dimensional Analysis & Model Study- Units and Dimensional Formulae for Various Engineering Quantities- Dimensional Homogeneity VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Methods of Arriving at Dimensionless Groups: Non-dimensional Parameters- Raleigh's Method- Buckingham's  method- Buckingham's modified method- Omitted and Superfluous variables VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Examples in Dimensional Analysis: Capillary Rise, Drag on Cylinder, Resistance of a Ship, Discharge over a Sharp Crested Weir, Fall Velocity of a Sphere, Head Characteristics of a Pump, Thrust on a Propeller VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Similarity and Similarity Laws: Concepts of Similarity- Geometric, Kinematic and Dynamic Similarities- Modeling Criteria- Similarity Laws- Important Dimensionless Numbers- Reynolds Number, Froude Number, Mach Number, Euler Number, Weber Number VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Application of Similarity Laws to Practical Problems: Bodies Completely submerged in Fluids, Bodies subjected to Gravity and Viscous Forces, River Models- Manning's Law- Distorted Models -Depth distortion and slope distortion, Problems related to Modeling of Tides, Harbours, and Pumps & Turbines VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 Hydraulic Machinery - I Turbines Introduction and Classification of Turbines: Function of Prime movers and Pumps, Hydraulic Turbines, Classification Based on Head, Discharge, Hydraulic Action- Impulse and Reaction Turbines, Differences between Impulse and Reaction Turbines, choice of Type of Turbine-Specific Speed VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Working of Impulse Turbines: Component Parts & Working Principles of a Pelton Turbine- Recapitulation of Work Done by series of vanes mounted on Wheel- Velocity triangles, Simplified Form of Velocity Triangles for a Pelton Turbine Bucket, Hydraulic and Overall Efficiencies VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Design Principles of Impulse Turbines: Design Principles of Pelton Turbine-Fixing Various Dimensions of Bucket of a Pelton Turbine Governing Mechanism for a Pelton Turbine VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Working of Reaction Turbines & Design Principles: Component Parts & Working Principles of a Francis Turbine- Design Principles of Francis Turbine- Arriving at vane Angles- Governing Mechanism for a Francis Turbine, Draft Tube Theory-Functions and Types of Draft Tubes in Reaction Turbines- Efficiency of Draft Tube VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Performance characteristics of Turbines: Unit Quantities - Specific Speed and its importance - Model Relationships, Performance Characteristics of Turbines - Operating Characteristics- Iso-efficiency Curves VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 Hydraulic Machinery - II Centrifugal Pumps Centrifugal Pumps: Functions of a Pump- Types of Pumps- Selection Criterion - Rotodynamic and Positive displacement Pumps- Comparison between Centrifugal & Reciprocating Pumps VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Component parts & Working principles of centrifugal pumps: Centrifugal Pumps- Component Parts, Classification of Centrifugal Pumps / Impellers based on Shape and Type of Casing- Pump with Volute Casing, Pump with Vortex Chamber& Pump with Guide vanes, Closed, Semi-closed & Open Impellers, Axial, Radial & Mixed Flow Impellers, Shape and Number of Vanes, Working Principles of Centrifugal Pumps- Working Head and Number of Stages, Single & Double Suction VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Work done by centrifugal pumps: Pressure Change in a Pump, Manometric and Static Head- Velocity Vector Diagrams- Effect of Vane Shape, Work Done -Pump Losses and Efficiency- Pressure Rise in the Impeller- Minimum Starting Speed of pump- Multi Stage Pumps, Pumps in Parallel and Series VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Cavitation & NPSH: Cavitation- maximum Suction Lift- NPSH and its Importance in Selection of Pumps VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Hydraulic Machinery - III Reciprocating Pumps & Pump Performance Reciprocating Pumps-Fundamental concepts: Reciprocating Pumps- Component Parts- Operation of Single Acting and Double Acting Reciprocating Pumps- Discharge Co-efficient, Volumetric Efficiency and Slip VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Work done by Reciprocating pumps: Work Done and Power Input- Indicator Diagram, Effect of Acceleration and Friction on Indicator Diagram, Maximum Speed of Rotation of Crank VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Air Vessels and their principles: Air Vessels and their Effect, Modified Indicator Diagram in the presence of Air Vessels, Work Saved due to Presence of Air Vessel- Flow into and from Air Vessel VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Performance characteristics of Pumps: Similarity Relations and Specific speed of Pumps- Performance Characteristics of Centrifugal Pump- Dimensionless characteristics -Constant efficiency curves of Centrifugal Pumps VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Unit 5 Unsteady flows in Pipes & Open channels Water hammer & Governing equations: Definition - General discussion, classification of conduits- general equation for water hammer- Allevie's water hammer charts- Arithmetic integration method, Water hammer for the case of pump fitted in a pipe line VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Control of water hammer: Pressure conditions along the penstock - Mechanically operated relief valves, Surge tanks types, Design principles of Surge Tanks (Simple Surge Tanks only) VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Unsteady Flows in Open Channels: Gradually Varied Unsteady Flow -Dynamic Equation for Unsteady Flow- Monoclinical Rising Wave -Dynamic Equation for Uniformly Progressive Flow, Flood Routing concepts - Channel & Reservoir routing - Hydraulic & Hydrological methods, Wave Profile of Uniformly Progressive Flow- Dam Break Problem - Wave Propagation,(Solution of Unsteady-flow equations and Spatially varied Unsteady Flow are excluded) VIEW CHAPTERS
NA Rapidly Varied Unsteady Flow: Rapidly Varied Unsteady Flow - Uniformly Progressive Flow - Moving Hydraulic jump - Positive and Negative Surges - Surges in Power canals, Canal Transitions and Channel Junctions -Pulsating Flow VIEW CHAPTERS
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