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AU Project Planning and Management Sem VII
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1 Unit 1 PERT and CPM Introduction : Origin of PERT and CPM, Planning, Scheduling and controlling Bar charts, Milestone charts, weaknesses in Barcharts, PERT and CPM networks - Comparison, Event, Activity, Rules for drawing networks, Numbering the events (Fulkerson s law : Dummy activities, Time estimate-Expected time, Earliest allowable occurrence time, Latest allowable occurrence time, slack, project duration, probability of completion, Start and Finish time estimates, Floats, Project scheduling, Critical and sub-critical path VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 Cost analysis / updating / resource scheduling Cost Analysis direct and indirect costs, operation time, Normal and crash points, optimising project cost, crash limit, Free float limit, Optimisation, Updating - Process of updating, when to update, Resource scheduling - Resource smoothening, Resource levelling, circle notation and arrow notation VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 Contracts Contracts - Element of contract, offer acceptance and consideration, valid contract, Department execution of works, Master Roll Form 21, Piece work Agreement form, work order, Contract system with tenders - Definitions - Contract ,Contractor, Quotation, Earnest money, Security money, Tender, Tender notice, Tender form, Bidding procedure, Irregularities in Bidding, award, Types of contracts - Lumpsum contract, Lumpsum and schedule contract, Item rate contract, sub-contracts, joint ventures, Areitration Disputes and claim settlement VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Management Scope of the Construction Management, Significance of Construction management, Concept of Scientific Management, Qualities of Manager, Organisation - Authority, Policy, Recruitment process and Training Development of Personnel Department, Labour problems, Labour legislation in India, Workmen compensation Act 1923, and subsequent amendments, Minimum Wages Act 1948 VIEW CHAPTERS
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