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AU Environmental Engineering -II Sem VII
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1 Unit 1 Introduction to sanitation systems of sanitation - relative merits & demerits - collection and conveyance of waste water - sewerage - classification of sewerage systems- Estimation of sewage flow and storm water drainage - fluctuations - types of sewers - Hydraulics of sewers and storm drains- design of sewers - materials for sewers- appurtenances in sewerage - cleaning and ventilation of sewers-safety of sewer workers VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 Storm sewers- design Pumping of wastewater - Pumping stations - location - components parts- types of pumps and their suitability with regard to wastewaters, House Plumbing: plumbing systems of drainagesanitary fittings and other accessories- single stack system- one pipe and two pipe systems - Design of building drainage VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 Bacteriology of sewage Sewage characteristics - Physical, Chemical and Biological Examination- decomposition- cycles of decomposition-- Sampling and analysis of wastewater - BOD-COD-Treatment of sewage - Primary treatment: Screens-grit chambers - grease traps - floatation - sedimentation - design of primary and pretreatment units VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Secondary treatment Aerobic and anaerobic treatment process-comparison, Suspended growth process: Activated Sludge Process, principles, designs, and operational problems, modifications of Activated Sludge Processes,miscellaneous methods, Oxidation ponds, Oxidation ditches,Aerated Lagoons, Attached Growth Process: Trickling Filters - mechanism of impurities removal- classification- filter problems - design and operation-recirculation, RBCs, Fluidized bed reactors, sewage disposal methods VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Unit 5 Anaerobic Processes Septic Tanks and Imhoff tanks-Principles and Design-sludge treatment and disposal-Fundamentals of UASB, Biosolids (Sludge): Characteristics- thickening - digestion,drying and sludge disposal VIEW CHAPTERS
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