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AU Computer Applications in Civil Engineering Sem VII
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1 Unit 1 Determination of Bending Moment Diagram Deflections for different loading conditions for a Simply Supported Beam and Cantiliver Beam, Determination of fixed end moments for different loading conditions of a fixed beam, Calculation of Influence line diagrams at any section of a Simply Supported Beam VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 Estimation of Run off for a Catchment Estimation of Friction factor for Laminar and Turbulent flows, Minor losses in pipe flow, Conversion of Angles from WCB to RB, Classification of Soils, Determination of coefficient of permeability, Degree of Consolidation and Shear Strength VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 Application of problems in Hydraulics Hardy cross method in the Analysis of pipe network, Computation of water surface profiles in open channel flows, Estimation of Settlement of foundations in Cohesive Soil, Stability Analysis of Slopes, Estimation Earth Pressures in Cohesive and Cohesionless soils, Application of problems in Environmental engg, Transportation Engg, Design of Slabs using I,S, Code method, Analysis and Design of Beams by using Limit state method, Design of columns subjected to axial load and Uni-axial Moment, Design of Isolated Footing, Design of rolled steel columns, built up columns, Beams and built up Beams VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Basic AUTO CAD Commands Introduction to AUTO LISP Programming, Analysis and Design of R,C Building Frames by using Staad - III, Analysis and Design of Grid Floors by using Staad -III, Preparation of Contour Maps and Alignment fixing of Roads by using AUTO CIVIL, Quantity estimation of Civil Engineering Structures and Construction Management VIEW CHAPTERS
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