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AU Water Resources Engineering - II Sem VIII
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1 Unit 1 Storage Works Classification of dams, factors governing selection of types of dam, selection of site, preliminary investigation, Gravity Dams : Forces acting on a gravity dam, stability criteria, modes of failure - elementary and practical profiles, stability analysis, principal and shear stress - construction joints, openings in dams - galleries, foundation treatment of gravity dam VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 Earth Dams Types, foundation for earth dams, design of earth dams, causes for failure of earth dams, criteria for safe design, phreatic line, seepage analysis - seepage control through body and foundation, Spillways : Essential requirements, spillway capacity, components, types of spillways and their working, design of ogee spillway, energy dissipation below spill way, scour protection, use of hydraulic jump as energy dissipater - design of stilling basins - USBR and IS standard basins - spillway crest gates, different types VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 Diversion Head Works Types, location and components, effects of construction of weirs on permeable foundation, Bligh's, Lanes and Khosla's theories, Method of independent variables, design principles of weirs and barrages, design of weirs on permeable foundations, design of vertical drop weir, canal head regulator, silt control devices, Regulation Works : Canal falls, definition necessity and location, classification of falls, design principles of syphon well drop, notch fall, sarada fall, straight glacis fall, offtake alignment, cross regulator and distributary head regulator, Cross Drainage Works : Types, factors affecting the suitability of each types, classification of aqueducts, design principles of different types of aqueducts VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 River Training Works River Training and its objectives, classification of river training works, marginal embankment, guide banks, groynes, cutoffs, bank pitching, launching aprons, miscellaneous types of river training works, Water Power engineering : Development of hydro power in India, assessment of available power, utilisation factor, load factor, diversity factor, storage and pondage, types of hydro power schemes, components of hydel schemes - fore bay, intake structure, trash racks, surge tanks, water hammer pressure, sub structure and super structure of power house VIEW CHAPTERS
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