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BITS FE Application in Civil Engineering Sem-VIII
No Units Titles Sub Titles Chapters
1 Unit 1 Introduction to the Finite Element Method General description and analysis procedure, linear constitutive equations, two-dimensional problems, constitutive relationships for plane strain, plane stress and axis symmetric cases VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 The Basic Component - Element Concept of the Element, element shapes, two - and three - dimensional elements, choice of elements, Element Aspect Ratio, Element stiffness, nodal degrees of freedom VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 Displacement Models Generalised coordinate form of displacement, Selection of Order of the Polynomial, Convergence requirements, Element compatibility VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Displacement Models (contd) Interpolation displacement model, Interpolation function or Shape function, Interpolation Functions for a one-dimensional element, Comparison of Generalised Coordinate and Interpolation formulations, Isoparametric Element Concept VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Unit 5 Element Stiffness Direct formulation of element stiffness, force vector to be applied at nodes of element, Constant Strain Triangle Element, Element stress and strains VIEW CHAPTERS
6 Unit 6 The Overall Problem Discretisation of the Body or Profile, Natural subdivisions at discontinuities, Bandwidth Minimization, Interconnections at Nodes, Stiffness matrix and Loads for Assemblage of Elements, Computer application of the Direct Stiffness Method VIEW CHAPTERS
7 Unit 7 Civil Engineering Applications Constitutive laws, Elastic-plastic Behaviour, Finite representation of Infinite Bodies - significant extent of profiles for discretisation, Boundary conditions, Strip Footing Finite element mesh for embankments and cuttings, Simulation of sequential construction in Excavations (unloading) and in Embankments (loading), Structural Engineering applications - Beam analysis VIEW CHAPTERS
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