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BITS Ground Water Engineering Sem-VIII
No Units Titles Sub Titles Chapters
1 Unit 1 Introduction Historical Background, Utilization of Groundwater, Groundwater in the Hydrologic cycle, Origin and Age of Groundwater, vertical distribution of Groundwater, Types of Aquifers, Storage coefficient VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 Groundwater Movement Darcy's Law, Permeability, Determination of Hydraulic conductivity, Anisotropic Aquifers, Groundwater Flow Rates, Groundwater Flow Directions, Groundwater Tracers General Flow Equations VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 Groundwater and Well Hydraulics Steady Unidirectional flow, Steady Radial Flow to a well, Unsteady Radial flow in a confined aquifer, Unsteady Radial flow in an unconfined aquifer, leaky aquifer, well flow near aquifer Boundaries, Multiple well system, characteristic well losses, specific capacity VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Quality of Groundwater Sources of Salinity, Measures of water Quality, Chemical, Physical and Biological Analysis, water quality criteria, Pollution of Groundwater, Management of Groundwater VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Unit 5 Groundwater Modeling Techniques Porous media models, Analog models Electric Analog Models, Digital Computer Models VIEW CHAPTERS
6 Unit 6 Surface Investigations of Groundwater Geologic methods, Remote Sensing, Geophysical exploration, Electric Resistivity method, Seismic Refraction Method; water witching VIEW CHAPTERS
7 Unit 7 Artificial Recharge of Groundwater Concept of Artificial Recharge methods, Research on Water Spreading, Wastewater Recharge, Recharge mounds, Induced Recharge VIEW CHAPTERS
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