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MDU Computer Fundamental and Programming in C - Sem I
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1 Unit 1 Evolution of information processing Concept of data and information, data processing Hardware CPU, Storage Devices & Media, VDU, Input Output, Devices, Type of Software System Software, Application Software Overview of OS Programming Languages and its Classification, Compiler,Interpreter, Linker, Loader VIEW CHAPTERS
Range of Applications Scientific, business, educational, industrial, weather forecasting, remote sensing, planning, multilingual applications Social concerns of Computer Technology Positive and Negative Impacts, Computer Crimes, Viruses and their remedial solutions VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 Problem Solving Problem Identification, Analysis, flowcharts, Decision Tables, Pseudo codes and algorithms, Program Coding, Program Testing and Execution VIEW CHAPTERS
C Programming Concept of variables and constants, structure of a C program Operators & Expressions Arithmetic,Unary, Logical, Bitwise, Assignment & Conditional Operators, Library Functions, Control Statements while, dowhile, for statements, Nested loops, ifelse, switch, break, continue and goto statements, Comma operator VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 Functions Defining & Accessing Passing arguments, Function Prototype, Recursion, Use of Library Functions, Storage Classes Automatic, External and Static Variables (Register), Arrays Defining & Processing, Passing to a function, Multidimensional Arrays VIEW CHAPTERS
String Operations of Strings (String handling through builtin & UDF Length, Compare Concatenate, Reverse, Copy, Character Search using array) VIEW CHAPTERS
Pointers Declarations, Passing to a function, Operations on Pointers, Pointers & Arrays, Array of Pointer, Pointer Arithmetic, Array accessing through pointers, Pointer to structure, Pointer to functions,Function returning pointers, Dynamic Memory Allocations VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Structures Defining & Processing, Passing to a function, Unions (Array within structure, Array of structure, Nesting of structure, Passing structure and its pointer to UDF, Introduction to Unions and its Utilities) VIEW CHAPTERS
Data Files Open, Close, Create, Process Unformatted Data Files (Formatted Console I/O functions, Unformatted Console I/O functions, Modes Of Files, Use Of fopen(), fclose(), fgetc(), fputc(), fgets(), fprintf(), fscanf(), fread(),fwrite(), Command Line Arguments)Documentation, debugging, C Processors, Macros Examples illustrating structured program development methodology and use of a block structured algorithmic language to solve specific problems VIEW CHAPTERS
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