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BITS Discrete Mathematical Structures Sem-IV
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1 Unit 1/Unit 2 Logic and Mathematical Reasoning Logic, Propositional Equivalences, Predicates and Quantifiers, Methods of Proof, Mathematical Induction, Recursive Definition and Algorithms, Program Correctness VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 3/Unit 4 Functions and Relations Functions, Sequences and Summations, The Growth Functions, Relations and Their Properties, Non- array Relations & Their Applications, Representing Relations, Closures of Relations, Equivalence Reloans, Partial Orderings VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 5 Graphs Introduction to Graphs, Graph Terminology and Representation, Connectivity, Euler and Hamiltonian Paths, Shortest Path Programs VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 6 Trees Introduction and applications of trees, Tree Traversal, Spanning Trees, Minimum Spanning trees VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Unit 7 Semgroups, Groups and Coding Binary Operations, Semigroups, Products and Quotients of Semigroups, Groups, Product and Quotients of Groups, Coding of Binary Information and Error Correction, Decoding and Error Correction VIEW CHAPTERS
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