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BITS Scientific Computing Sem-IV
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1 Unit 1 High Speed Computation Introduction, Computer Arithmetic, Errors, Machine Computation VIEW CHAPTERS
Transcendental and Polynomial Equations Introduction, Bisection Method, Iterative Methods, Rate of Convergence, Methods for Complex Roots, Polynomial Equations VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 System of Linear Algebraic Equations and Eigenvalue Problems Introduction, Direct Methods, Error analysis, Iteration Methods, Eigenvalues and Eigen Vectors VIEW CHAPTERS
Interpolation and Approximation Introduction to Lagrange and Newton Interpolations, Finite difference operators, Interpolating polynomial using finite differences, Hermite interpolations, Piecewise and spline interpolation VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 Differentiation and Integration Introduction, Numerical differentiation, Numerical integration, Methods based on interpolation VIEW CHAPTERS
Ordinary Differential Equations Introduction, Euler methods, Single and Multistep methods, Predictor-corrector methods VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Empirical and Probability Distributions Basic Concepts, The Mean Variance, and Standard Deviation, Continuous-Type Data, Exploratory Data Analysis, Graphical Comparisons of Data Sets, Probability Density and Mass Functions VIEW CHAPTERS
Probability Properties of Probability, Methods of Enumeration, Conditional Probability, Independent Events, Bayes Theorem VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Unit 5/Unit 6 Discrete, Continuos & Multivariable Distributions Random Variables of the Discrete Type, Mathematical Expectation, Bernoulli Trials and the Binomial Distribution, The Moment-Generating Function, The Poisson Distribution, Random Variables of the Continuous Type, The Uniform and Exponential Distributions, The Gamma and Chi-Square Distributions, The Normal Distribution, Distributions of Functions of a Random Variable, Distributions of Two Random Variables VIEW CHAPTERS
Sampling Distribution Theory Independent Random Variables, Distributions of Sums of Independent Random Variables, Random Functions Associated with Normal Distributions, The Central Limit Theorem, Approximations for Discrete Distributions, The t and F Distributions VIEW CHAPTERS
6 Unit 7 Estimation & Tests of Statistical Hypotheses Point Estimation, Confidence Intervals for Means, Confidence Intervals for Difference of Two Means, Sample Size, Tests About Proportions, Tests of the Equality of Two Normal Distributions, Chi-Square Goodness of Fit Tests, Contingency Tables, Tests of the Equality of Several Means VIEW CHAPTERS
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