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BITS Microprocessor and Interfacing Sem-V
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1 Unit 1 NA Revision of logic circuits with emphasis on control lines, SAP concepts with stress on timing diagrams, Microinstructions, Microprogramming, Variable machine cycle, Architecture of 8085 Processor , Functions of all signals, Bus concepts, Multiplexed and De-multiplexed Bus, Minimum system VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 NA Instruction set, Addressing modes, Stack operation, Timing diagrams, Programming examples like Time delay, Looping, Sorting, Code conversions like BCD to Binary, Binary to BCD, HEX to ASCII, ASCII to HEX, BCD Arithmetic etc VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 NA 8085 based Microcomputer system, Memory Organization, Memory Interfacing, Memory Mapped I/O, I/O Mapped I/O, Interrupts, Hardware and Software Interrupts, Interrupt instructions, Programmed I/O, Interrupt driven I/O, DMA VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 NA Architecture of 8255 I/O peripheral chip, Modes of operation, Hand shake mode operation, BSR mode, ADC 0801 and ADC 0808 Interfacing with microprocessor, Analogue multiplexed ADC, DAC 0808 specifications, DAC Interfacing, Programming examples for Generation of square wave, positive and negatives ramps, triangular and sine waves, Sample and Hold circuit, LF 398 and its applications in Data Acquisition VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Unit 5 NA 8253 timer, Modes of operation, Applications, 8279 Keyboard/Display Interface, Different modes of operation, Interfacing, Programming examples, 8237 DMA Controller VIEW CHAPTERS
6 Unit 6 NA Evolution of Microprocessors, Introduction (Architecture and Instruction set only) of 8086 and 8088, Evolutionary steps and Additional features of 80186, 80286, 80386, 80486 and Pentium Processors, Concept of CISC and RISC processors VIEW CHAPTERS
7 Unit 7 NA Introduction to Microcontrollers, 8051 Microcontroller, Memory Organization, Programming techniques, Addressing modes, Instruction set, Interrupt structure, Port structure, Different modes of operation, Programming examples VIEW CHAPTERS
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