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Anna Thermodynamics and Basic of Propulsion Sem-III
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1 Unit 1 Basic concept and first law Concept of continuum, macroscopic approach, thermodynamic systems -closed, open and isolated, Property, state, path and process, quasi-static process, work, modes of work, Zeroth law or thermodynamics- Concept of temperature and heat, Concept of ideal and real gases, First law, Application to closed and open systems, internal energy, specific heat capacities, enthalpy, Steady flow process with reference to various thermal equipments VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 Second law and entropy Second law of thermodynamics - Kelvin's and Clausius statements of second law, Reversibility and irreversibility, Carnot theorem, Carnot cycle, reversed Carnot cycle, efficiency, COP, Thermodynamic temperature scale, Clausius inequality, concept of entropy, entropy of ideal gas, principle of increase of entropy VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 Thermodyanmic avilability and air standard cycles Basics - Energy in non-flow processes- Expressions for the energy of a closed system - Equivalence between mechanical energy forms and exergy - Flow of energy associated with heat flow - Exergy consumption and entropy generation, Exergy in steady flow processes- Expressions for exergy in steady flow processes - Exergy dissipation and entropy generation, Otto, Diesel, Dual combustion and Brayton cycles, Air standard efficiency, Mean effective pressure, Reciprocating compressors VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Properties of pure substances and power cycle Properties of pure substances - Thermodynamic properties of pure substances in solid, liquid and vapour phases, phase rule, P-V, P-T, T-V, T-S, H-S diagrams, PVT surfaces, thermodynamic properties of steam, Calculations of work done and heat transfer in non-flow and flow processes, Standard Rankine cycle, Reheat and regeneration cycle VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Unit 5 basic propulsion and heat transfer Classification of engines - Simple jet propulsion system - Thrust equation - Specific impulse - Ideal and non-ideal cycle analysis, Conduction in parallel, radial and composite wall - Basics of Convective heat transfer - Fundamentals of Radiation heat transfer VIEW CHAPTERS
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