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Anna Kinematics and Dynamics of Mechines Sem-IV
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1 Unit 1 Mechanisms Definition - Machine and Structure - Kinematic link, pair and chain - classification of Kinematic pairs - Constraint & motion - Degrees of freedom - Slider crank - single and double - Crank rocker mechanisms - Inversions, applications - Introduction to Kinematic analysis and synthesis of simple mechanisms - Determination of velocity and acceleration of simple mechanisms VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 Friction Types of friction - friction in screw and nut - screw jack - pivot, collar and thrust bearings - plate and cone clutch - belt (flat & vee) and rope drives - creep in belts - open and crossed belt drives - Ratio of tensions - Effect of centrifugal and initial tensions - condition for maximum power transmission VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 Gearing and Cams Gear - Types and profile - nomenclature of spur & helical gears - laws of gearing - interference - requirement of minimum number of teeth in gears - gear trains - simple, compound and reverted gear trains - determination of speed and torque in epicyclic gear trains - cams different types of followers - Cam - Types of cams and followers - Cam design for different follower motions VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Balancing Static and dynamic balancing - single and several masses in different planes - primary and secondary balancing of reciprocating masses - Balancing of single and multi cylinder engines - Governors and Gyroscopic effects VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Unit 5 Vibration Free, forced and damped vibrations of single degree of freedom systems - force transmitted to supports - vibration Isolation - vibration absorption - torsional vibration of shafts - single and multirotor systems - geared shafts - critical speed of shafts VIEW CHAPTERS
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