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MDU Object Oriented Programming using C++ - Sem I
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1 Unit 1 NA Introduction to object oriented programming, user defined types, polymorphism, and encapsulation, Getting started with C++ - syntax, data-type, variables, strings, functions, exceptions and statements,namespaces and exceptions, operators, Flow control, functions, recursion, Arrays and pointers, structures VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 NA Abstraction Mechanisms: Classes, private, public, constructors, destructors, member functions, static members, references etc, Class hierarchy, derived classes, Inheritance: simple inheritance, polymorphism, object slicing, base initialization, virtual functions VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 NA Prototypes, linkages, operator overloading, ambiguity, friends, member operators, operator function, I/O operators etc, Memory management: new, delete, object copying, copy constructors, assignment operator, this Input/output, Exception handling: Exceptions and derived classes, function exception declarations, nexpected exceptions, Exceptions when handling exceptions, resource capture and release etc VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 NA Templates and Standard Template library: template classes, declaration, template functions, namespaces, string, iterators, hashes, iostreams and other type, Design using C++ design and development, design and programming, role of classes VIEW CHAPTERS
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