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MDU Visual Languages Programming - Sem III
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1 Unit 1 Client Server Basics Discover Client-Server and Other Computing Architectures, Understand File Server Versus Client-Server Database Deployment, Learn About the Two Tier Versus Three Tire Client- Server Model VIEW CHAPTERS
Visual Basic Building Blocks And Default Controls Forms, Using Controls, Exploring Properties, Methods And Events, Introduction To Intrinsic Controls, Working With Text, Working With Choices, Special Purpose Controls VIEW CHAPTERS
VB Advance Controls Events, Menu bar, Popup Menus, Tool bar, Message Box, Input Box, Built-in Dialog Boxes, Creating MDI, Working with Menus VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 VB Programming Fundamentals And Variables Introduction to Variables, Variable Declaration, Arrays, Introduction to Constants And Option Explicit Statement, Assignment Statements, Working With Math Operations, Strings, Formatting Functions VIEW CHAPTERS
Controlling And Managing Program All Control Statements, Loops, Error Trapping, Working With Procedures, Functions, Controlling How Your Program Starts, Common controls and control arrays Introduction to common controls Treeview, listview, tabstrip Creating and working with control arrays VIEW CHAPTERS
Visual Basic and databases Understanding the Data Controls And Bound Controls, Introduction to Data Form Wizard, Introduce DAO, Working With Recordsets, Record Pointer, Filters, Indexes, Sorts And Manipulation of Records VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 Remote And ActiveX Data Objects Working With ODBC, Remote Data Objects And Remote data Control, Introducing ADO, ADO Data Control, Using DataGrid Control And ActiveX Data Objects VIEW CHAPTERS
ActiveX Controls, Extending ActiveX Controls And Classes Creating, Testing, Compiling, Enhancing And User Drawn ActiveX Controls, Using ActiveX Control Interface Wizard And Property Pages Wizard, Introducing Ambient, Extender Objects, Creating Property Pages, Building Class Modules, ActiveX DLL VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Client-Server Development Tools COM, Services Models, Development Tools Included with VB 6, Working With Source Safe Projects Reports And Packaging Data Reports And Crystal Reports, Packaging A Standard EXE Project VIEW CHAPTERS
VB And Internet Introduction to VBScript, Tools used with VBScript and VBScript Languages, Introduction to Active Server Pages, ASP Objects VIEW CHAPTERS
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