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MDU Advanced Java Programming - Sem III
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1 Unit 1 XML ntroduction to Java Scripts, Objects in Java Script, Dynamic HTML with Java Script XML Document type definition, XML Schemas, Document Object model, Presenting XML, Using XML Processors DOM and SAX Review of Applets, Class, Event Handling, AWT Programming VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 Introduction to Swing JApplet, Handling Swing Controls like Icons , Labels , Buttons , Text Boxes , Combo , Boxes , Tabbed Pains , Scroll Pains , Trees , Tables Differences between AWT Controls & Swing Controls Developing a Home page using Applet & Swing VIEW CHAPTERS
Java Beans Introduction to Java Beans, Advantages of Java Beans, BDK Introspection, Using Bound properties, Bean Info Interface, Constrained properties Persistence, Customizers, Java Beans API VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 Introduction to Servelets Lifecycle of a Serverlet, JSDK The Servelet API, The javaxservelet Package, Reading Servelet parameters, Reading Initialization parameters The javaxservelet HTTP package, Handling Http Request & Responses, Using Cookies- Session Tracking, Security Issues Introduction to JSP, The Problem with Servelet The Anatomy of a JSP Page, JSP Processing JSP Application Design with MVC Setting Up and JSP Environment Installing the Java Software Development Kit, Tomcat Server & Testing Tomcat VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 JSP Application Development Generating Dynamic Content, Using Scripting Elements Implicit JSP Objects, Conditional Processing , Displaying Values Using an Expression to Set an Attribute, Declaring Variables and Methods Error Handling and Debugging Sharing Data Between JSP pages, Requests, and Users Passing Control and Date between Pages , Sharing Session and Application Data , Memory Usage Considerations Database Access Database Programming using JDBC Studying Javaxsql* package Accessing a Database from a JSP Page Application , Specific Database Actions Deploying JAVA Beans in a JSP Page Introduction to struts framework VIEW CHAPTERS
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