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Anna Aircraft Stability and Control Sem-VI
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1 Unit 1 Static longitudinal stability and control General concepts-Degrees of freedom of a rigid body, Static and dynamic stability, Need for stability in an airplane, inherently and marginally stable airplanes, Stability and Controllability, Requirements of control surfaces, criteria for longitudinal static stability, contribution to stability by wing, tail, fuselage, wing fuselage combination, Total longitudinal stability, Neutral point- Stick fixed and Stick free aspects, Free elevator factor, static margin, Hinge moment, Power effects on stability-propeller and jet aircrafts, longitudinal control, Movement of centre of gravity, elevator control effectiveness, elevator control power, elevator angle to trim, elevator angle per g, maneuver point, Stick force gradient and stick force per g, Aerodynamic balancing VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 Static directional stablity and control Directional stability-yaw and sideslip, Criterion of directional stability, contribution to static directional stability by wing, fuselage, tail, Power effects on directional stability-propeller and jet aircrafts, Rudder fixed and rudder free aspects, Rudder lock and Dorsal fin, Directional control, rudder control effectiveness, rudder requirements, adverse yaw, asymmetric power condition, spin recovery - Relaxed static stability of CCV VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 static lateral stabilty and control Lateral stability-Dihedral effect, criterion for lateral stability, evaluation of lateral stabilitycontribution of fuselage, wing, wing fuselage, tail, total static lateral stability, lateral control, aileron control power, aileron effectiveness, strip theory estimation of aileron effectiveness, roll control by spoilers, aileron reversal, aileron reversal speed VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Dynamic longitudinal stabilty Equations of motion for Aircraft, small disturbance theory, Estimation of longitudinal stability derivatives stability derivatives, Routh's discriminant, solving the stability quartic, Phugoid motion, Factors affecting the period and damping, Types of Oscillatory modes in Stick fixed and Stick free conditions VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Unit 5 Dyanmic lateral and directional stabilty Dutch roll and spiral instability, Auto rotation and spin, Stability derivatives for lateral and directional dynamics VIEW CHAPTERS
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