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Anna Composite Materials and Structures Sem-VII
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1 Unit 1 Micromechanics Introduction - Advantages and application of composite materials - Types of reinforcements and matrices - Micro mechanics - Mechanics of materials approach, elasticity approach- Bounding Techniques - Fiber Volume ratio - Mass fraction - Density of composites, Effect of voids in Composites VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 Macromechanics Generalized Hooke's Law - Elastic constants for anisotropic, orthotropic and isotropic materials - Macro Mechanics - Stress-strain relations with respect to natural axis, arbitrary axis - Determination of In plane strengths of a lamina - Experimental characterization of lamina, Failure theories of a lamina, Hygrothermal effects on lamina VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 lamited plate theory Governing differential equation for a Laminate, Stress - Strain relations for a laminate, Different types of laminates, In plane and Flexural constants of a laminate, Hygrothermal stresses and strains in a laminate, Failure analysis of a laminate, Impact resistance and Interlaminar stresses, Netting analysis VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 Fabrications process and repair methods Various open and closed mould processes, Manufacture of fibers, Importance of repair and different types of repair techniques in Composites - Autoclave and non-autoclave methods VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Unit 5 sandwich constructions Basic design concepts of sandwich construction - Materials used for sandwich construction - Failure modes of sandwich panels - Bending stress and shear flow in composite beams VIEW CHAPTERS
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