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ISM Numerical and Statistical Methods -Sem - IV
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1 Part - I Numerical Methods Solution of algebraic and transcendental equation by bisection, iteration, false position and Newton-Raphson methods Solution of a system of linear simultaneous equations by Gauss elimination, Gauss-Jordan, Crout s triangularisation, Jacobi and Gauss-Seidel methodsFinite difference, Symbolic relations, Interpolation and Extrapolation, Newton-Gregory forward and backward, Gauss forward and backward, Stirling, Bessel and Lagrange's formulae, Inverse interpolation by Lagrange and iterative methods, Numerical differentiation and integration Trapezoidal, Simpson s 1/3rd, Simpson s 3/8th and Weddle quadrature formulae Numerical solution of first order ordinary differential equations by Taylor s series, Picard s, Euler s, Modified Euler s, Runge-Kutta and Milne's methods Solution of simultaneous first order and second order ordinary differential equations with initial conditions by Runge-Kutta and Milne's methods Numerical solution of boundary value problems by finite difference method VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Part  II Statistical Methods Moments, skew ness and kurtosis Probability Various approaches of probability, two theorems (without proof), conditional probability, Bayes theorem Random variable Definition, probability mass & density functions, distribution function, mathematical expectation and moment generating functionProbability distributions Bernoulli, binomial, Poisson and normal distributionsTheory of least squares and curve fitting Correlation and Regression Simple, multiple & partial correlation coefficients, regression lines, regression coefficients and their properties Test of significance Normal test, t-test, chi square test and F test VIEW CHAPTERS
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