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ISM Mechanical Engineering Design -Sem - IV
No Units Titles Sub Titles Chapters
1 Unit 1 Introduction to Engineering Design Philosophy of engineering Design,mechanical engineering design, design process, design considerations, codes and standards VIEW CHAPTERS
Selection of Materials classification, mechanical properties and application of Ferrous, Non-Ferrous metals and their alloys, Non-Metallic materials, Powdered materials, Composite materials and ceramics VIEW CHAPTERS
Designing for Strength Different types of loading on machine members & associated stresses, factor of safety & design stress, stress concentration, Design for simple and combined loading, choice of theory of failures, Effect of temperature, design considerations for varying loads, Endurance limit, Mechanism of Fatigue failure and associated factor of safety by different methods Combined steady and variable loads VIEW CHAPTERS
Joints Classification, integrity and uses of different type of permanent and detachable joints, design procedures for Riveted, Welded, Threaded, Cotter, Knuckle and interference joints VIEW CHAPTERS
Design consideration under eccentric loading Wall brackets, hangers, base plate joints of pillar cranes and crane hooks VIEW CHAPTERS
Levers and Power screws Design and Selection of different components of Power Screw, Levers and Links VIEW CHAPTERS
Shafts &Coupling Design for steady, combined and fluctuating loads, rigidity and critical speed considerations in shaft design Design of Keys, Splines and Couplings VIEW CHAPTERS
Mechanical Drives Classification and selection steps for main components of belt, rope and chain drives VIEW CHAPTERS
Springs, Clutches and Brakes Classification, application and design consideration of springs, clutches and brakes VIEW CHAPTERS
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