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ISM Fluid Mechanics -Sem - IV
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1 Unit 1 Fluid and their properties Concept of fluid difference between solids liquids and gases ideal and real fluids properties of fluid Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids VIEW CHAPTERS
Fluid Statics Pressure and its measurement Pascal s law and its engineering applications Hydrostatic force on a plane and curved submerged surfaces resultant force and center of pressure Buoyancy and flotation stability of floating and submerged bodies metacentric height and its determination pressure distribution in a liquid subjected to constant horizontal/ vertical acceleration rotation of liquid in a cylindrical container VIEW CHAPTERS
Fluid Kinematics Classification of fluid flows velocity and acceleration of fluid particle local and convective acceleration normal and tangential acceleration streamline path line and streak line continuity equation Rotational flows rotation velocity and circulation stream and velocity potential functions flow net VIEW CHAPTERS
Fluid Dynamics Euler s equation Bernoulli s equation and steady flow energy equation applications of Bernoulli s equation impulse momentum equation flow along a curved streamline free and forced vortex motions VIEW CHAPTERS
Boundary Layer Flow Navier-Stokes equation Boundary layer concept displacement momentum and energy thickness von-karman momentum integral equation laminar and turbulent boundary layer flows drag on a flat plate boundary layer separation and control VIEW CHAPTERS
Viscous Flow Relationship between shear stress and pressure gradient flow through pipes flow between two parallel plates Kinetic energy and momentum correction factor VIEW CHAPTERS
Dimensional Analysis and Similitude Fundamental and derived units and dimensions dimensional homogeneity Rayleigh s and Buckingham s Pi method for dimensional analysis Dimensionless numbers and their significance model studies VIEW CHAPTERS
Flow measurements Pitot tube Siphon Venturimeter Orificemeter Mouthpiece Weirs and notches VIEW CHAPTERS
Flow Through Pipes Major and minor losses in pipes hydraulic gradient and total energy lines series and parallel connection of pipes branched pipes equivalent pipe power transmission through pipes VIEW CHAPTERS
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