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MDU Multimedia Technologies - Sem III
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1 Section A Basics of Multimedia Technology Computers, communication and entertainment multimedia an introduction framework for multimedia systems multimedia devices CDAudio, CD-ROM, CD-I, presentation devices and the user interface multimedia presentation and authoring professional development tools LANs and multimedia internet, World Wide Web & multimedia distribution network-ATM & ADSL multimedia servers & databases vector graphics 3D graphics programs animation techniques shading anti aliasing morphing video on demand VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Section B Image Compression & Standards Making still images editing and capturing images scanning images computer color models color palettes vector drawing 3D drawing and rendering JPEG-objectives and architecture JPEG-DCT encoding and quantization, JPEG statistical coding, JPEG predictive lossless coding JPEG performance overview of other image file formats as GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG etc VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Section C Audio & Video Digital representation of sound time domain sampled representation method of encoding the analog signals subband coding fourier method transmission of digital sound digital audio signal processing stereophonic & quadraphonic signal processing editing sampled sound MPEG Audio audio compression & decompression brief survey of speech recognition and generation audio synthesis musical instrument digital interface digital video and image compression MPEG motion video compression standard DVI technology time base media representation and delivery VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Section D Virtual Reality Applications of multimedia, intelligent multimedia system, desktop virtual reality, VR operating system, virtual environment displays and orientation making visually coupled system requirements intelligent VR software systems Applications of environment in various fields VIEW CHAPTERS
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