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MDU Programming Languages - Sem III
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1 Section A Introduction Syntactic and semantic rules of a Programming language, Characteristics of a good programming language, Programming language translators compiler & interpreters Elementary data types - data objects, variable & constants, data types, Specification implementation of elementary data types, Declarations ,type checking & type conversions ,Assignment & initialization, Numeric data types, enumerations, Booleans & characters VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Section B Structured data objects, Subprograms and Programmer Defined Data Type Structured data objects & data types , specification & implementation of structured data types, Declaration & type checking of data structure ,vector & arrays, records Character strings, variable size data structures , Union, pointer & programmer defined data objects, sets, files Evolution of data type concept, abstraction, encapsulation & information hiding, Subprograms, type definitions, abstract data types VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Section C Sequence Control and Data Control Implicit & explicit sequence control, sequence control within expressions, sequence control within statement, Subprogram sequence control simple call return, recursive subprograms, Exception & exception handlers, co routines, sequence control Names & referencing environment, static & dynamic scope, block structure, Local data & local referencing environment, Shared data dynamic & static scope Parameter & parameter transmission schemes VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Section D Storage Management, Programming languages Major run time elements requiring storage, programmer and system controlled storage management & phases, Static storage management, Stack based storage management, Heap storage management, variable & fixed size elements Introduction to procedural, nonprocedural, structured, functional and object oriented programming language, Comparison of C & C++ programming languages VIEW CHAPTERS
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