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MDU Internet Fundamentals - Sem III
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1 Section A Electronic Mail and Internet Introduction, advantages and disadvantages, Userids, Pass words, e-mail addresses, message components, message composition, mailer features, E-mail inner workings, E-mail management, Mime types, Newsgroups, mailing lists, chat rooms Introduction to networks and internet, history, working of Internet, Internet Congestion, internet culture, business culture on internet Collaborative computing & the internet Modes of Connecting to Internet, Internet Service Providers(ISPs), Internet address, standard address, domain name, DNS, IPv6Modems and time continuum, communications software internet tools VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Section B World Wide Web Introduction, Miscellaneous Web Browser details, searching the www Directories search engines and Meta search engines, search fundamentals, search strategies, working of the search engines, Telnet and FTP Introduction to Browser, Coast-to-coast surfing, hypertext markup language, Web page installation, Web page setup, Basics of HTML & formatting and hyperlink creation Using FrontPage Express, Plug-ins VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Section C Languages Basic and advanced HTML, java script language, Client and Server Side Programming in java script Forms and data in java script, XML basics Introduction to Web Servers PWS, IIS, Apache Microsoft Personal Web Server Accessing & using these servers VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Section D Privacy and security topics Introduction, Software Complexity, Encryption schemes, Secure Web document, Digital Signatures, Firewalls VIEW CHAPTERS
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