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MDU Object Oriented Programming using C++ - Sem III
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1 Section A Introduction to C++ and Object oriented Concepts Meaning of management, Definitions of Management, Characteristics of management, Management Vs Administration Management-Art, Science and Profession Importance of Management Development of Management thoughts Principles of Management The Management Functions, Inter-relationship of Managerial functions Nature and Significance of staffing, Personnel management, Functions of personnel management, Manpower planning, Process of manpower planning, Recruitment, Selection Promotion - Seniority Vs Merit Training - objectives and types of training VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Section B Classes and Data Abstraction Introduction, Structure Definitions, Accessing Members of Structures, Class Scope and accessing Class Members, Separating Interface from Implementation, Controlling Access Function And Utility Functions, Initializing Class Objects Constructors, Using Default Arguments With Constructors, Using Destructors, Classes Const(Constant) Object And Const Member Functions, Object as Member of Classes, Friend Function and Friend Classes, Using This Pointer, Dynamic Memory Allocation with New and Delete, Static Class Members, Container Classes And Integrators, Proxy Classes, Function overloading VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Section C Operator Overloading, Inheritance, and Virtual Functions and Polymorphism Fundamentals of Operator Overloading, Restrictions On Operators Overloading, Operator Functions as Class Members vs as Friend Functions, Overloading, <<, >> Overloading Unary Operators, Overloading Binary Operators Introduction to Inheritance, Base Classes And Derived Classes, Protected Members, Casting Base- Class Pointers to Derived- Class Pointers, Using Member Functions, Overriding Base  Class Members in a Derived Class, Public, Protected and Private Inheritance, Using Constructors and Destructors in derived Classes, Implicit Derived  Class Object To Base- Class Object Conversion, Composition Vs Inheritance Introduction to Virtual Functions, Abstract Base Classes And Concrete Classes, Polymorphism, New Classes And Dynamic Binding, Virtual Destructors, Polymorphism, Dynamic Binding VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Section D Files and I/O Streams and Templates and Exception Handling Files and Streams, Creating a Sequential Access File, Reading Data From A Sequential Access File, Updating Sequential Access Files, Random Access Files, Creating A Random Access File, Writing Data Randomly To a Random Access File, Reading Data Sequentially from a Random Access File Stream Input/Output Classes and Objects, Stream Output, Stream Input, Unformatted I/O (with read and write), Stream Manipulators, Stream Format States, Stream Error States Function Templates, Overloading Template Functions, Class Template, Class Templates and Non-Type Parameters, Templates and Inheritance, Templates and Friends, Templates and Static Members Introduction, Basics of C++ Exception Handling Try Throw, Catch, Throwing an Exception, Catching an Exception, Rethrowing an Exception, Exception specifications, Processing Unexpected Exceptions, Stack Unwinding, Constructors, Destructors and Exception Handling, Exceptions and Inheritance VIEW CHAPTERS
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