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MDU Discrete Structures - Sem III
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1 Section A Set Theory and Propositional Calculus Introduction to set theory, Set operations, Algebra of sets, Duality, Finite and Infinite sets, Classes of sets, Power Sets, Multi sets, Cartesian Product, Representation of relations, Types of relation, Equivalence relations and partitions , Partial ordering relations and lattices Function and its types, Composition of function and relations, Cardinality and inverse Relations Introduction to propositional Calculus Basic operations AND(^), OR(v), NOT(~), Truth value of a compound statement, propositions, tautologies, contradictions VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Section B Techniques of Counting and Recursion and recurrence Relation Permutations with and without repetition, Combination Polynomials and their evaluation, Sequences, Introduction to AP, GP and AG series, partial fractions, linear recurrence relation with constant coefficients, Homogeneous solutions, Particular solutions, Total solution of a recurrence relation using generating functions VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Section C Algebraic Structures Definition and examples of a monoid, Semi group, Groups and rings, momorphism, Isomorphism and Automorphism, Subgroups and Normal subgroups, cyclic groups, Integral domain and fields, Cosets, Lagrange s theorem VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Section D Section Graphs and Trees Introduction to graphs, Directed and Undirected graphs, Homomorphic and Isomorphic graphs, Sub graphs, Cut points and Bridges, Multigraph and Weighted graph, Paths and circuits, Shortest path in weighted graphs, Eurelian path and circuits, Hamilton paths and circuits, Planar graphs, Euler s formula, Trees, Spanning trees, Binary trees and its traversals VIEW CHAPTERS
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