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BDU Microbial Biotechnology Sem-V
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1 Unit 1 NA Microbial Biotechnology- Scope and applications -horizons of Microbial Technology, Microbes- Living factories for macromolecules-Production of proteins in Bacteria and yeast, recombinant and synthetic vaccines, microbial enzymes- application in starch processing , textile designing, detergents, cheese making, polysaccharides and polyesters, - immobilization of cells and enzymes VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 NA Microorganisms in fermentation-Ethanol from feed stocks to fermentable sugars, from sugars to alcholos, Clostridial fermentation, lactic acid fermentation, acetic acid production and industrial production of various milk products VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 NA Metabolites from microorganisms-amino acids, antibiotics-antibacterial agents (R- lactams, tetracyclines, peptides, amino glycosides), antifungal agents, anti-tumor antibodies, Biotechnological potential of micro algae - food - fuel production - pharmaceutically valuable compounds of micro algae, SCP, Mycoprotein VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 NA Biopesticides, Bio control of insects - microbial insecticides (Bacillus,thuringiensis, B,spaerinus, B,papilliae and Baculo-Viruses), Biofertilizers (nitrogen fixing Bacteria, mycorrizha and phosphate solubilizing Bacteria) - genetically engineered organisms VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Unit 5 NA Bioremediation, Biosorption, Environmental clean-up by microbes- Application of microbial biotechnology in sewage and wastewater treatment, degradation of xenobiotics, mineral recovery, removal of heavy metals from aqueous effluents, Public concerns about the microbial biotechnology and Economics of microbial biotechnology VIEW CHAPTERS
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