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BDU Biodiversity Sem-VI-Elective
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1 Unit 1 NA Biodiversity-Definition-Types-Diversity of Genes (genetic diversity) species (species diversity) and ecosystems (ecosystem diversity), Genetic diversity-Nature and origin of genetic variation- The need for preservation of wild relatives of domestic animals, Centres of origin of domesticated animals, Species diversity- Measurement, concepts, richness and turnover, Species - area relationships - Global distribution of richness - Centres of species diversity- Mega diversity centres- Hot spot analysis VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Unit 2 NA Loss of biodiversity- Species extinction- Fundamental causes- Deterministic and stochastic processes- Current and future extinction rates-Methods of estimating loss of biodiversity- Threatened species- The IUCN threat categories (Extinct, Endangered, Vulnerable, Rare, Intermediate, and Insufficiently known), The threat factors (Habitat loss, Over exploitation for uses, introduction of exotics, Diseases, Habitat fragmentation etc,) Common threat animal taxa of India- Red data books VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Unit 3 NA Uses and values of Biodiversity- Uses of bio resources- animal uses; food animals (terrestrial and aquatic), non-food uses of animals, domestic livestock, Values of Biodiversity- Instrumental (Goods, Services, Information and Psycho spiritual values) and inherent or intrinsic values, ethical and aesthetic values- An outline account on methods of valuing biodive VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Unit 4 NA National & PCT filing procedure, Time frame and cost, Status of the patent applications filed, Precautions while patenting - disclosure/nondisclosure, Financial assistance for patenting - introduction to existing schemes Patent licensing and agreement Patent infringement- meaning, scope, litigation, case studies VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Unit 5 NA Conservation and sustainable management of Biodiversity and Bioresources- National policies and instrument relating the production of the wild / domesticated fauna as well as habitats- International policies and Instruments- A general account on multilateral treaties - the role of CBD, IUCN, IBPGR, NBPGR, WWF, FAO, UNESCO, AND CITESbioresources, Biotechnology and intellectual Property Rights- An elementary account on WTO, GATT, and TRIPs, Bio prospecting and IKS, Bio-pyracy rights of farmers, breeders, and indigenous people- An elementary account on biodiversity/ bio resources data VIEW CHAPTERS
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