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BU Human Resource Management Sem I
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1 Module - 1 NA Nature and scope of Human Resource Management (HRM) objectives of HRM, HRM functions, organization of HRM department, qualities of HR Manager, personnel policies and principles, new challenges of HRM, HRM model VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Module - 2 NA Human Resource planning, factors affecting planning, planning objective, planning process, evaluation of planning, Job analysis and design- need for and process of job analysis and design, Employee hiring: recruitment, importance, nature and international recruiting, selection, importance, process, recruitment and selection practices in India, Training and development- nature, importance, Training, inputs, training process, recent trends in training, training practices in India, Job evaluation, nature, objectives, process of evaluation, Performance and appraisal: nature, importance, process of evaluation, challenges, employee compensation, wage concepts and principles, factors affecting compensation plans, incentives- group and individual plans, wage and salary policies in India VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Module - 3 NA Employee safety and health - reasons for accidents and ways of avoiding accidents, need for safety, safety policy: Health - physical, mental, noice control, work stress, AIDS, alcoholism and drug abuse, violence at work place, workplace harassment, Participative management, scope and ways of participation, labour welfare - approaches and types, Industrial relation - causes for disputes and ways of resolving disputes, Trade union- relevance of unions, VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Module - 4 NA Human resource audit, audit of corporate strategy, audit of human resource function, audit of managerial compliance, audit of employee satisfaction, Ethical issues in HRM - HR ethical issues, managing ethics VIEW CHAPTERS
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