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BU Communication Skills Sem I
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1 Module - 1 Communication Skills Nature and scope of Human Resource Management (HRM) objectives of HRM, HRM functions, organization of HRM department, qualities of HR Manager, personnel policies and principles, new challenges of HRM, HRM model VIEW CHAPTERS
2 Module - 2 Oral Communication Skills Fundamentals, Barriers and Gateways, Public Speaking, Effective Power point presentations, body language, non-verbal, facial expression, voice modulation, eye contact, audience research, questions from the audience, Communication and emotional intelligence, Creativity in oral communication, Communication through telephonic, Video and Skype, Group Discussion VIEW CHAPTERS
3 Module - 3 Written Communication Skills Writing an effective Report: Stages of writing, Style and Tone; Five Ws and one H of Report writing, Divisions, Numbering and use of visual aids, Creativity in written Communication, Use of Picture, diagram in written communication, Writing Commercial letters, E-mail Messages, Maintaining a Diary, Job application and Resume writing VIEW CHAPTERS
4 Module - 4 Listening Skills Importance and need, Types, Active and Empathic listening, Listening and Judgment, Developing skills, listening and understanding, Anatomy of Poor Listening, Features of good listener VIEW CHAPTERS
5 Module - 5 Interpersonal Communication Skills Advantages and disadvantages of utilizing the team work; Characteristic features of successful teams; stages of the development of a team; team roles; challenges in team working, forms of non-team behavior, Conditions of negotiating; strategies of negotiating (Win-win, win-loss); participative negotiations; negotiating tactics; cognition and emotions in negotiating; negotiating and ethics, Types and sources of conflicts; the influence of various ultures on the solving of conflicts VIEW CHAPTERS
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